The American Association for Clinical Chemistry held its 2004 Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Exposition, July 25–29 in Los Angeles. Here we feature some of the exhibitors at the expo.

1) Stephen Lavender and Tara Cervasio of Polymedco
2) Patricia A. Shugart, Ron Blasig, Richard L. Schoen, Dennis M. Bleile, and Kathy Lynn Marashlian of Abaxis
3) Denice Taylor, Ken Dier, and Ann Steinbarger of Corgenix
4) An attendee views an Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics demonstration
5) Ron Benitez of Chemicon International, a division of Serologicals® Corp
6) Shirley J. Niell, Francesco DeZani, Alice J. Kleiss, Michael J. Brown (of DiaSorin), and Leo Valdez of International Immunology Corp
7) Pascal Boulanger and Karen Wrona of Diagnostica Stago Inc
8) Craig Stout and Kenneth J. Moscone, Jr, of The Drucker Co
9) Paul Mooradian, Gretchen Robertson, and Carl Stratton of Instrumentation Laboratory
10) Marcie Davis, Julie Gularte, Jerry Miller, Lee Shugart, Renato Pena, and Phil Shugart of Carolina Liquid Chemistries
11) Colin B. Wylie of Vista Technology Inc

12) Bruce W. Lowry, Jeffrey K. Allen, Jill McGarry, Susan Smalley, Brad Tieman, and Jose Del Cid of Gen-Probe
13) Neil Gershman of DPC with a potential customer
14) Carl D. Bergquist, Glenn Degnan, and Calvin Finley of Quidel Corp
15) Mark Frei and Jim Alferman of Sigma-Aldrich
16) Alan R. Crockett, Kent Thomas, and Wayne K. Barlow of Wescor Inc
17) Potential customers receive a demonstration at the Olympus booth
18) Karen Ibarra, Donna M. Lutz, and Maureen Trickett of Genzyme Diagnostics
19) Customers view a product demonstration at the Roche booth
20) Potential clients receive a product demonstration at the Orchard Software booth
21) Liana Ryder, Christopher Dulany, and Mike Gorman of Digene
22) Diane Washco, Kathy Ruzich, and George Mills of Microgenics
23) Aaron Stout, Michael Kirkpatrick, Nick Horsley (of Hettich Centrifuges), and Sean K. Dalton of Helmer
24) Bradford A. Hunsley, Jodi Gnader, Lori Prochaska, and Nicole Quakenbush of Streck Laboratories
25) Nehemias Muniz (right) of Quantimetrix Corp gives a product demonstration
26) Monique C. Muri, David Woo, and Deborah Brooks of RAM Scientific
27) Brys C. Myers and Dan Graham of INOVA Diagnostics Inc
28) ITC’s booth
29) Bio-Rad representatives stand ready to help customers
30) Cindi Loveall, Cindy Jacke, Gary L. Milburn, and David E. Smith of Quest Diagnostics