photoThis 1999-2000 Laboratory Products Guide features IgG Subclass kits for Behring, Beckman, Roche and Hitachi analyzers; IFA kits and reagents including ANCA, Hep-2, Crithidia, Rodent and Monkey substrates; ELISA kits for ANA, ENA, dsDNA, Cardiolipin, B2GP1, ANCA, Gliadin, Tissue Transglutaminase, Thyroid and GBM antibodies; and Immunofixation and SPE kits and reagents.
   The guide also includes a range of RID kits for immunoglobulins, serum proteins and complement components and an added range of immunohistochemistry antisera. A number of the products have received FDA clearance since the previous guide was issued. The Binding Site