d04a.JPG (12101 bytes)The Pinnacle PCX with a syringe pump is designed for sensitivity when analyzing difficult-to-detect compounds like mycotoxins in food, amino acids in serum, and pesticides in crops.
     The pump is designed to improve detection of target compounds while extending equipment life cycle and reducing the cost of consumables. The design takes into account the demands placed on equipment in laboratories that operate 24 hours a day. The Pinnacle PCX syringe pump operates only during the run cycle, extending the life cycle of both the pump and piston seal while reducing the consumption of reagents.
     The system can be configured to detect an array of chemical functionalities, and the column oven features a programmable temperature gradient that allows for greater separation and shorter run time. The PCX software is compatible with Windows-based platforms and has a feature that allows the operator to create, edit, and store post-column methodologies through its methods editor. The Pinnacle PCX is capable of displaying real-time pressure and temperatures of column and reactors with the ability to pause the pump during operation.
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