productThe Status Cup Plus is an integrated collection, separation, transport, and testing system for the detection of drugs of abuse in urine.
     Status Cup Plus automatically splits the urine specimen while performing a rapid drug screen, allowing the specimen in the main cup chamber to be free from test reagent contamination, should confirmation testing be required. Status Cup Plus also eliminates the exposure and handling of urine. Once collected, the specimen will not leak or spill and cannot be reopened without breaking the cup’s built-in tamper evident seal.
     To perform a test, the Status Stik test device is inserted and engages a patent pending one-way valve system. Once engaged, the valve will separate enough urine to run the test while sealing off the main cup chamber from the test chamber. Results are available in minutes. Correlation to GC/MS is 97-99%. An extensive Status Stik test menu is available which allows you to choose which drugs to test, from a single drug up to a 10-test drug panel.
Keywords: drugs of abuse, rapid test, specimen collection