productIn his book, Six Sigma Quality Design and Control, Dr. James O. Westgard, Ph.D. explains how Six Sigma Quality Management, a technique of improving processes and profitability, can quickly and easily be implemented in healthcare laboratories and diagnostic manufacturers.
     Businesses across America and around the world have saved billions and gained a competitive edge using Six Sigma techniques. Laboratory testing is perfectly suited for Six Sigma Quality Management, particularly when combined with the assessment tools and design introduced in this book.
     The author details how the Sigma-metric of a laboratory testing process can be assessed, how improvements can be made and how better testing processes can be designed for the future.
     Application strategies are discussed for point-of-care devices, new-born screening, average of  normals patient data QC and automated analyzers. A series of financial worksheets help lab professionals asses the current state of testing processes and the gains that may be realized through Six Sigma improvements.
Westgard QC
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