February 22, 2007

Artel has opened registration for the 2007 Pipetting Olympics, a competition that rewards laboratories demonstrating superior pipetting skills.

The event will be held April 22-28, National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, and will award the top three teams and individuals prizes and medals based on performance. Designed to be a fun, team-building event the tournament also hopes to improve pipetting technique.

Labs that don’t own an Artel Pipette Calibration System (PCS) can sign up to receive a complimentary loaner system for use during the contest. The PCS automatically calculates the accuracy and precision of pipetted volumes and documents and prints the results.

More than 500 people participated in last year’s event and more are expected this year. Laboratories can sign up during CLMA Think Lab in Houston, or by visiting the company’s [removed]Web site[/removed].