Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, Hercules, Calif, launched a retail version of its Genes in a Bottle kit, one of the products that is also offered by the company’s science education Biotechnology Explorer program. The new home version of the kit is now available in US retail markets.

The Genes in a Bottle kit introduces consumers to molecular biology using their own DNA, employing the same real-world laboratory procedure that is used to extract DNA from various organisms. In this easy one-step process, users extract DNA from their own cheek cells and, minutes later, are able to see this normally invisible substance of life as white strands floating in liquid. Afterward, the strands are transferred to a small bottle that is hung from a keepsake necklace.

Genes in a Bottle kit is designed for children 8 years and older. The kits will be available in museum stores, specialty toy shops, online retail outlets, educational supply stores, catalogs, and other retail outlets.

Now in its 15th year, the Biotechnology Explorer program offers educators tools that introduce students to fundamental scientific methods that are used in today’s research laboratories. Since it began, the program has helped educate millions of students in life science programs around the world.

 genes-in-a-bottle-necklace3With the Genes in a Bottle kit, users can create keepsake jewelry out of DNA extracted from their own cheek cells.


[source: Bio-Rad]