An interview with Diane Marshall, Director of Marketing

Q: Does Separation Technology Inc have a theme for AACC 2009?

Marshall: We are featuring “Bringing Technology to Life.” We understand that the impact of our speed and accuracy goes far beyond the testing site. Whether it’s enabling labs to provide fast, accurate test results or helping neonatal ICUs provide premature infants with their mothers’ most calorie-dense milk, our products help medical professionals make a decisive difference.

Q: Which products are you featuring, and why?

Marshall: We are featuring centrifuges that do the job faster, more accurately, and with industry-standard reliability, including the PlasmaPrep™ centrifuge, HemataSTAT II® microhematocrit centrifuge, Micro 12™ centrifuge, and Creamatocrit Plus™ centrifuge.

Q: Are you introducing any products or new versions/upgrades/updates of existing products?

Marshall: We will be unveiling a brand-new cytology centrifuge at AACC this year.

The SlidePrep Plus™ Centrifuge has all the features of a large, expensive cytology centrifuge at an affordable price. Along with STI’s industry-standard reliability, it offers the following features:

  • A six-place slide rotor;
  • Digital controls with LCD display of remaining time, RPM, and forces;
  • A removable sealed rotor head so that the operator can load and unload under a safety hood;
  • Programmable preset buttons;
  • Safety alarms that signal out of balance and outside of speed tolerance; and
  • A heavy-duty, Swiss-made motor.

Q: Tell us about these products you’re featuring. What are the competitive advantages, and/or how do they represent advances over previous versions?

Marshall: The PlasmaPrep Centrifuge provides high reliability and speed for getting platelet-poor plasma at an affordable price.

The HemataSTAT II Microhematocrit Centrifuge is the fastest, quietest, smallest, and most automated microhematocrit centrifuge available.

The Micro 12 Centrifuge is perfect for a variety of applications, including quick spindowns, cell and bacteria separations, microfiltrations, and small-volume blood and urine separations.

The Creamatocrit Plus Centrifuge is the first and only system dedicated to providing a fast, accurate creamatocrit measure or the lipid concentration in mothers’ milk.

Q: Will STI be making presentations or demos in the booth during exhibit hours?

Marshall: We will be providing one-on-one demos of our centrifuges