photoThe Model PU-ATC temperature compensated (ATC) serum protein/urine refractometer provides a three-scale reading of 0-12g/100mL serum protein, 1.000 to 1.050 urine specific gravity, and 1.3330 to 1.3600 refractive index. A high degree of accuracy can be assured with the ATC feature.
   The unit maintains its calibration with the built-in ATC function. If the unit has to be recalibrated or checked for accuracy, a drop or two of distilled water at 20ºC (room temperature 68ºF) is placed on the prism, then the secondary cover is closed. When held up to the light, the scale should read 1.333 R.I. If it does not, the operator turns the adjustment screw until the critical line reads 1.333 R.I.
   This model allows for fast and accurate determinations for protein concentrations of a blood serum, plasma, or protein serum (e.g. albumin solutions). Urine-specific gravity readings can be obtained, as well as direct readings in refractive index, which provide the operator measurements of concentrations in a variety of solutions. The eight-ounce unit is approximately 6 1/2" long. Kernco Instruments Co.