The Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, DCA HbA1c test kit, already used to monitor diabetes patients’ HbA1c levels, has achieved the CE mark as an aid to diagnose diabetes and identify patients at risk for developing the disease. Available for use on the company’s DCA systems, including the DCA Vantage® Analyzer, the test kit now provides clinicians with a streamlined solution that delivers fast, actionable results for the diagnosis and management of diabetes in environments ranging from physicians offices to hospitals and clinics.

HbA1c testing can be conducted at any time and requires no preparation by the patient, unlike fasting plasma glucose (FPG) measurements, where fasting must occur at least eight hours prior to testing. Also, HbA1c testing only requires a single measurement as opposed to blood glucose testing that involves serial blood draws over several hours.

With the Siemens DCA HbA1c test, only a small (1 µL) whole blood finger stick sample is needed, enabling clinicians to identify at-risk patients within minutes, review test results and discuss early intervention and disease management options during the same office visit. By reducing the need for follow-up visits, in-office testing of HbA1c with the Siemens DCA HbA1c kit not only helps consolidate operations, but also contributes to improved patient care through a simple-to-use tool.


[source: Siemens]