Sparrow Laboratories has turned to Lifepoint Informatics to secure their lab’s foothold in provider-side electronic medical record (EMR) systems. With 15 outpatient labs throughout mid Michigan, Sparrow Laboratories offers a complete array of laboratory services and performs millions of tests each year. Sparrow has utilized Lifepoint for several years for results reporting, but this year has begun utilizing Lifepoint’s EMRHub.

According to Joseph Skrisson, administrative director of Sparrow Laboratories, “We have a robust outreach program, one of the top 25 outreach programs in the country. We have fairly high volume that requires a connectivity solution that’s reliable. Lifepoint meets those requirements, and the ability to have a two-way interface and have those types of libraries built already is one of the positives of working with Lifepoint. Now we’ve gone live with orders either directly from Lifepoint or from EMRs connected to Lifepoint.”

EMRHub is vendor neutral and is compatible with any EMR, seamlessly processing clinical messages and lab orders between existing laboratory information systems (LIS) and physician or provider EMRs. EMRHub is hosted on Lifepoint’s data center servers and is delivered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This virtual integration platform requires only one interface to a lab’s LIS and eliminates the need for custom point-to-point interfaces, expensive interface engine hardware, and the IT staff needed to develop and support them. Lab staff can focus on achieving successful outreach results rather than on maintaining costly software.

Source: Lifepoint Informatics