photo The Gene Spec III allows for greater sensitivity than conventional spectrophotometers, while analyzing samples as small as one microliter within eight seconds.
     The instrument scans and quantifies DNA/RNA and protein samples with specialized software that measures their absorbance, 260/280nm ratio, concentration and purity. Other capabilities include wavelength scanning, time scans and quantitation. In as little as eight seconds, the instrument measures and displays samples and their results in a complete spectrum from 190nm to 1100nm.
     The 1024-element photodiode array technology allows for greater sensitivity, precision and faster scanning than many spectrophotometers.
     Quartz cuvettes are available in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 microliter sizes. To ensure reliability and ruggedness, the design uses no moving parts. The components are housed in a chemically-resistant metal case.
     Operations are controlled through a PC, allowing software upgrades and secondary processing of spectra. Data and spectra can be displayed instantly or stored in one of 20 channels and printed later in Excel.
Hitachi Genetic Systems
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