productThe modular design of the TES 88 is useful for custom applications. The TES 88 features a large work surface, an extra large cooling module, a dispensing module with spacious work area and a dual chamber thermal module with easy-access covers. The complementary design of each module enables users to add or arrange modules in a variety of configurations for an all-in-one workstation to meet specific application requirements.
     The stainless steel cold plate on the cooling module can hold 110 blocks CFC-free effectively. Each high capacity module is designed with independent temperature controls that can be adjusted, monitored and switched on and off. A heated nozzle dispenses paraffin. The working plate contains drainage grooves for directing the overflow of this paraffin into a collection drawer for an unproblematic clean up. In addition, heated wells on each side of the nozzle hold up to five forceps each.
Keywords: pathology