productEnhanced ABL700 analyzer version 3.7 software introduces several labor-saving ways to enter and manage data, improving ABL700’s utility for point-of-care applications.
     With this new software, the operator can log patient and instrument data directly into the ABL700, eliminating the need to place a PC next to the analyzer and enhancing the ABL700’s utility as a standalone instrument. New features include: Approval of Results, allowing the clinician to approve patient results at the time of analysis for improved regulatory compliance; User-Defined Data Items enabling clinicians to define their own data fields on the ABL700 analyzers and then record and send the information to the data manager, the LIS/HIS or both; Pre-Defined Note Fields enabling the clinicians to define their own repeatable text strings when entering a note field on an ABL700 analyzer. In addition to enhanced data entry features.
     In addition to enhanced data entry features, the ABL700 can now automatically track and generate reports of instrument replacements. For example, when a reagent is replaced, the part number, lot number and user ID are automatically logged and transmitted to the data manager or the LIS/HIS or stored in the ABL700‚s own data base for later retrieval. This automated feature improves regulatory compliance, since it guarantees entry of required data, and is especially valuable in decentralized testing scenarios.
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Keywords: point of care, LIS