The Microtech 672 PC provides a new level of continuous processing electrophoresis automation. With true walk-away convenience, the system requires technologist intervention only to load samples, reagents, and slides, and to start the run. The technologist reviews and prints results when processing is complete. No instrument monitoring is necessary and the technologist does not have to physically move gels around.
     The Microtech 672 PC does all electrophoretic phases, including sample application, migration, staining, destaining, clearing, drying, and scanning in a fully automated process. There is no need for a separate scanner or densitometer, additional PC, or extra software. The Microtech 672 PC is a self-contained instrument that performs serum protein, urine and CSF proteins, immunofixation, hemoglobin, and lipoprotein electrophoresis.
     According to John Custer, marketing manager, patient sample results demonstrate excellent correlation to current agarose gel technology because the instrument uses slides constructed with cellulose acetate supported on Mylar. For the end user, this means an easy and simple transition to full automation without a major reeducation effort to interpret electrophoretic patterns.

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