pn06.jpg (8408 bytes)Conformance MCC-LiquiChem unassayed liquid chemistry control features three years stability. The three-year frozen stability allows lot sequestering, which can significantly reduce the number of crossover studies in the laboratory and provide a stable set of reference values for an extended period.
     This company provides control lot inventory management for individual laboratories. If the control thaws during shipping, the product’s formulation allows it to be refrozen before using with no degradation in performance. The tri-level packaging and packaging for individual levels is available in a 15 x 10mL configuration.
     Participants in the complimentary quality control program receive charted monthly quality control results. It includes patented Yundt plots, Levey-Jennings graphs with shaded statistical zones and Youden plots. LiquiChem quality control is also available through Real Time QC with Internet-based peer group results in seconds. Hematronix