pn07.jpg (14348 bytes)With SlidePRO Professional Slide Staining services, researchers can have their individual slides or screening tests professionally stained by individuals skilled in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH).
     Either frozen or paraffin-embedded tissue sections can be sent for IHC or ISH testing, which is performed using quality control procedures and high quality reagents. Researchers can choose from more than 300 antibodies and oligonucleotide probes, or send their own antibodies (mouse, rabbit, goat, rat) or DNA probes (biotin- or fluorescein-labeled). A choice of enzymes and chromogenic substrates is available.
     IHC and ISH testing services include necessary tissue pretreatments, such as target retrieval or enzyme digestion, as well as staining, counterstaining, and mounting. Megapixel digital imaging is also available. Services are performed in an RNase-free environment. InnoGenex