This durable, washable, and reusable white polyethylene two-piece unit is designed for use on the commode during drug screening or simple urine or stool collection. The frame rests on the bowl of the commode while the Tru-Catch® bowl is positioned in the frame. The Tru-Catch is designed for use with a standard cup for drug screening, but loosely accommodates any other specimen cup. If a sterile sample is desired, a sterile specimen cup is placed in the bowl in a designated area; otherwise, the bowl can be used without a cup. While an individual is seated, the Tru-Catch can be easily maneuvered both forward and backward for easy positioning for collection without difficulty. The measurements inside the bowl allow one to determine the amount of “output,” if necessary. The bowls nest for easy storage. The stability of this product allows transferring of a full cavity with the use of one hand. During drug screening, female individuals can produce a urine sample while handcuffed, thus eliminating the chance for release of “dirty” urine or contamination of the sample. According to Cherie Enterprises, it is the only product on the market that allows the collection of both sterile and nonsterile samples, as well as stool samples, without the use of one’s hands.

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