productsThe lightweight CM-26 cabinet allows laboratorians to observe even the faintest UV-fluorescence in brightly lit rooms.
     The portable CM-26 cabinet can be moved from one work station to another and offers a choice of long- and short-wave UV irradiances.
     The cabinet features the Spectroline ENF-260C UV lamp, which delivers a typical peak long wave UV (365nm) intensity of 350µW/cm2 and a short wave UV (254nm) intensity of 390µW/cm2 at the cabinet floor. The lamp is removable for handheld use.
     A flexible contoured view has a built-in UV-absorbing window, which protects the user’s eyes. A panel on the bottom of the CM-26 cabinet is removable, allowing it to fit directly on any of the 23 models of Spectroline UV transilluminators.
     The ENF-260C lamp uses LongLife filter glass for higher visual initial UV intensity and longer filter life — up to 50 times longer than many conventional UV filters.
Spectronics Corp.
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