photoA West Nile Virus application for this company’s NucliSens Basic Kit is available.
     Developed in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Arbovirus Diseases Laboratory in Ft. Collins, Colo., results were presented to the Association of Public Health Laboratories during their annual meeting in St. Louis in June. The CDC presented data showing the kit as an effective screening tool for detecting West Nile Virus.
     West Nile Virus, an Arbovirus, is transmitted by mosquitoes and potentially causes encephalitis. Testing includes the screening of mosquito pools and bird cadavers.
     This kit provides a complete standardized platform for RNA amplification testing using proven NASBA technology. The assay includes reagents necessary for RNA isolation, amplification and detection.
     Target specific primers are purchased separately. Other Basic Kit applications for RNA targets of public health interest include Dengue, Norwalk and Enterovirus. Assays for Equine Encephalitis (Eastern, Western, Venezuelan), LaCrosse, St. Louis, and others are under development.
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