photoThe Sysmex CA-1500 automated coagulation analyzer launched by this company at the AACC meeting is the most recent analyzer offered by its Hemostasis product line.
      The mid-volume benchtop co-ag analyzer performs clotting and chromogenic tests and features simultaneous calibration and routine analysis. These can save technologist time and eliminate the need to wait for a break in routine processing to get a new lot number set up.
      Additionally, up to three identical vials of reagents can be loaded for high-volume assays in which the analyzer will go to the next reagent when empty, saving the operator intervention time.
     A maximum of 25 test protocols can be programmed into the analyzer and stored on floppy disk, with 15 active at any time. This allows the lab to set up special or infrequently used tests and activate them when required, saving tech time.
     With its true random access capability, up to 15 active assays can be run simultaneously from one patient sample. This eliminates the need to batch assays or wait for certain tests to finish before others can be programmed. The system is designed to adapt easily to laboratory automation systems. An optional second-generation cap piercing capability for lab safety and decreasing biohazard risks is available.
Dade Behring Inc.
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