Bio-Techne, Minneapolis, and NanoString Technologies, Seattle, are partnering to accelerate the development of new tools for spatial genomics. The combined workflow that unites Bio-Techne’s RNAscope reagent portfolio with NanoString’s GeoMx RNA assays will enable researchers to guide their high-plex spatial analyses with single-cell resolution.


Brad Gray, NanoString Technologies.

The combination will be the basis of an ongoing partnership aimed at further integration of the companies’ platforms into a single concise workflow, creating compelling value for spatial genomics applications with two key advantages. First, unlike antibodies, RNAscope reagents are universal and can image any known transcript. This enables nearly endless combinations of key transcripts that can be imaged to select regions of interest for spatial genomics profiling. Second, GeoMx digital spatial profiling offers the only high-plex RNA spatial profiling chemistry that is compatible with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue specimens.

The new partnership leverages the power of RNAscope reagents for visualizing molecular RNA targets and GeoMx digital spatial profiling data for high-plex profiling and quantification of RNA. Under the terms of the agreement, Bio-Techne and NanoString will develop, validate, and comarket protocols that combine RNAscope reagents and GeoMx assays. In addition, NanoString will provide RNAscope research services, permitting customers to select from a menu of RNAscope reagents to be combined with the GeoMx high-plex RNA spatial profiling assay.

“Understanding the tissue microenvironment at the cellular and system level enables researchers to gain insights into tissue function and mechanisms as related to normal development as well as mechanism of disease,” says Kim Kelderman, president of the diagnostics and genomics segment at Bio-Techne. “Bio-Techne, through its RNAscope portfolio, provides tools to advance this understanding. By partnering with NanoString, we believe we can create extremely powerful workflows to accelerate our customers’ research.”

“This partnership brings together two best-in-class assays that enable imaging and profiling in difficult sample types like FFPE,” says Brad Gray, president and CEO of NanoString. “It provides researchers with the most complete and integrated solution available for RNA biomarkers. We are excited to work with the Bio-Techne team, who bring a wealth of experience in developing high-resolution, high-sensitivity assays for visualizing RNA.”

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