Bio-Techne Corp. has introduced three novel TSA Vivid Fluorophores dyes for highly sensitive fluorescent detection of RNAs and proteins in cells and tissues.

Optimized for use with proprietary RNAscope ISH technology, the TSA Vivid Fluorophores enable researchers to illuminate RNA biomarkers with industry leading sensitivity and clarity, accelerating cellular phenotyping and functional analysis at single-cell and subcellular resolution.

Ideal for use with FFPE and fresh frozen tissue sections, and backed by over 6,600 peer reviewed global publications, RNAscope technology enables robust RNA detection with high specificity for the widest range of diverse RNAs commercially available. When used together with the TSA Vivid Fluorophores, RNAscope enables exceptionally bright detection of gene expression with very low background, including low expressing RNAs, simplifying new assay development.

“Tocris Bioscience, a Bio-Techne brand, has unique capabilities in fluorophore design. We are excited to bring these extraordinary Vivid dyes to the spatial biology community to accelerate research discovery and novel therapeutic development,” says Will Geist, president of Bio-Techne’s Protein Sciences Segment.

The TSA Vivid Fluorophores 520, 570, and 650 are available for purchase individually or as a set or in combination with the RNAscope Multiplex v2 Assay. The assay can easily be performed on the benchtop using the manual kit or as an automated workflow on the Leica Biosystems BOND RX system.

“Capitalizing on the unique core capabilities of Bio-Techne to unlock the full potential of RNAscope chemistry is central to our growth strategy,” says Kim Kelderman, president of Bio-Techne’s Diagnostics and Genomics Segment. “We are thrilled to bring these two highly differentiated technologies together to set a new and higher standard for fluorescent RNA imaging in spatial biology.”