Expedeon AG, Heidelberg, Germany, and Cambridge, England, has introduced to the market five new Alexa Fluor labels to its line of Lightning-Link antibody labeling kits. The addition expands Expedeon’s line of labels, offering customers increased choice and flexibility for common fluorescence detection-based applications.

The use of secondary antibodies within fluorescent imaging applications is commonly associated with issues such as high background fluorescence and nonspecific binding. The combination of Alexa Fluor labels with Lightning-Link technology overcomes these problems by enabling easy, direct conjugation of the label to primary antibodies in less than 20 minutes. The Lightning-Link protocol is free of separation steps, saving researchers time and materials.

The introduction of five new dyes to the Alexa product line follows the launch of the company’s Alexa Fluor 488 kit in 2017. The new Alexa dyes include 555, 568, 647, 694, and 700.

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Heikki Lanckriet, PhD, Expedeon.

“Uniting the leading fluorescent labels with the world’s easiest to use primary antibody labeling technology forms part of our strategy to maximize the impact of our core technologies,” says Heikki Lanckriet, PhD, CEO and chief scientific officer at Expedeon. “The new kits will help to simplify processes and increase efficiency in the lab, making a great difference to many researchers.”

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