Arrayit Corp, Sunnyvale, Calif, is a provider of epoxy microarray slides that set the industry standard for life sciences research, clinical testing, and pharmaceutical discovery applications requiring a premium-quality microarray surface to ensure high analytical sensitivity and specificity.

To produce top-quality substrates, the company manufactures its SuperEpoxy 3 microarray slides in Class 100 cleanrooms using its proprietary, high-end borosilicate glass formulation and the most advanced reagents and procedures available. Arrayit Series 3 microarray substrate slides conform to the standard 1 x 25 x 76 mm format for compatibility with the entire line of Arrayit microarrayers, scanners, and other products, as well as products from Agilent and other vendors.

Arrayit SuperEpoxy 3 microarray substrate slides

Arrayit SuperEpoxy 3 microarray substrate slides.

Arrayit SuperEpoxy 3 microarray slides offer a popular surface for high-end DNA and protein microarray applications, including genomics, proteomics, and diagnostics. Printed amino-modified genomic and synthetic DNA, peptides, proteins, antibodies, cell extracts, modified small molecules, and other microarray samples couple covalently to highly reactive epoxide groups for ultimate testing performance.

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Featured Image: Arrayit glass substrate microarray slide manufacturing. Arrayit Series 3 microarray slides offer time-tested surface chemistries on a proprietary, ultraclear, ultratransparent, silicon-dioxide glass surface, for high coupling efficiency and low intrinsic fluorescence.