Illumina Inc, San Diego, has launched the iSeq 100 sequencing system, a next-generation sequencing (NGS) system that delivers data accuracy at a low capital cost, making Illumina technology available to virtually any lab. The system combines the company’s proprietary sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry with a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor detection technology.

Measuring one cubic foot in size, the iSeq 100 delivers NGS discovery power in the most compact format of any Illumina sequencer to date. The iSeq 100 represents another step toward establishing NGS as a standard for discovery research and routine genomic testing for a wide range of customers, markets, and applications.

“The iSeq 100 offers robustness and reliability for a broad range of applications ranging from germline and somatic tumor profiling to 16S microbial analysis and targeted gene expression,” says Francis deSouza, president and chief executive at Illumina.

Illumina will continue to develop the iSeq architecture, further expanding output and reducing run time. Such future improvements will seek to open new markets and applications, such as rapid microbiome sequencing, testing for foodborne pathogens, and monitoring hospital-acquired infections.

The iSeq 100 is designated for research use only. For more information, visit Illumina.