Atlanta-based OMNY Health announced commercial availability of the OMNY Health Platform, a healthcare data-sharing solution that accelerates innovation by connecting the healthcare ecosystem with opportunities to connect anonymized data with researchers from life sciences organizations. Platform clients can use this data to develop new therapies, enhance treatment availability, and measure effectiveness. 

The use of anonymized real-world treatment data to support life sciences companies’ decision-making across healthcare is not new. It is, however, often done without the direct involvement of healthcare providers—the originators of the information. The OMNY Health Platform offers provider organizations of all sizes the ability to participate in data-sharing partnerships with life sciences organizations to support research activities in an efficient and compliant manner.  

“As a healthcare executive focused on patient safety and quality, I was often frustrated with our inability to efficiently partner with life sciences companies to help address patients’ treatment challenges and understand unmet needs,” says Mitesh Rao MD, CEO and founder of OMNY Health. “OMNY Health provides a trusted, compliant solution for patients and providers to build transparent and secure data-driven relationships at scale and with minimal effort.”

The OMNY Health Platform centers on de-identified, normalized electronic health record data, enhanced with tokens that support links across the data ecosystem, all while preserving patient anonymity. A diverse set of hospitals, health systems, and specialty provider organizations have already agreed to join the network, representing care delivered in more than 39 states and more than 10 million patient lives. 

The platform contains more than 100 pre-packaged searchable and downloadable data offerings, aligned to strategic therapeutic areas, drug classes, and procedure groups. The direct-from-source data on the platform cover both inpatient and outpatient care and all payer types. OMNY can also provide custom data cuts and analyses for life sciences researchers. Insights from these data can help better understand unmet patient needs, design more efficient clinical trials, and inform strategies to address challenges in access to care.

The number of organizations opting to participate on the data sharing platform is rapidly growing, as are the types of data being made available. 

“We focused on creating a flexible, scalable architecture that supports the diverse set of data needed by life sciences organizations to meet multiple use cases across the value chain, and one that could easily integrate into their workflows,” says Sean O’Brien, co-founder and chief technology officer at OMNY. “Time and budget constraints can hinder life sciences companies from getting the information needed for faster, more-effective decision-making. Our platform specifically addresses these challenges.” 

Solution demonstrations and studies showcasing the diverse data available via the OMNY Health Platform are scheduled to be presented during a variety of events this summer, including ISPOR, DIA, and ICPE.

For more information, visit OMNY Health