PatientDx, Buffalo, NY, has announced that more than 30,000 researchers and clinicians are now using the company’s free online tool to discover new associations among diseases, mutations, and potential treatment options.

PatientDx helps researchers and clinicians analyze data, trends, and treatment options with greater speed and accuracy by using peer review, machine learning, and blockchain technology to mine genomic data for new discoveries.

The system cross-references millions of scientific citations and massive genomic databases to identify insights that may lead to the development of new drugs and treatment options. The insights are then shared with researchers and clinicians for peer review, and reanalyzed for clinical relevance.

With more than 30,000 active users, PatientDx can now identify disease-related associations with greater speed and accuracy. The company is currently seeking new strategic partners that can provide the products and services needed to successfully act upon the new discoveries.

For further information, visit PatientDx.