Menarini Silicon Biosystems, Bologna, Italy, and Huntingdon Valley, Pa, has launched its DepArray FFPE sample prep kit, the first commercially available kit for the disaggregation and staining of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections down to a single-cell suspension.

The kit enables the detection, identification, and recovery of different cell populations by the DepArray system, based on specific immunofluorescent staining and DNA content, ensuring the recovery of 100% pure tumor cell populations. Obtaining pure cell populations enhances downstream analysis, including next-generation sequencing (NGS), and the identification of molecular targets for personalized therapies.

The kit has been tested using FFPE human tissue sections of primary and metastatic keratin-positive carcinomas in breast, colon, lung, ovarian, pancreas, and prostate tissues. Analysis of FFPE samples is streamlined by assembling all the reagents into one kit and by providing a standardized protocol that is optimized for the DepArray system. Such standardization can reduce user variability in sorting various cell populations from FFPE tissue, further improving downstream analysis.


Bob Roda, Menarini Silicon Biosystems.

“The FFPE sample prep kit is the latest innovation in the successful DepArray line of products,” says Bob Roda, president and CEO of Menarini Silicon Biosystems. “This kit brings value to laboratories working with this type of tissue sample by standardizing the dissociation protocol and reducing variability, while also offering a reduction in total sample prep time.”

Menarini Silicon Biosystems develops technologies and products that help researchers understand the biological complexity of disease through the study of single cells. The company manufactures and markets the DepArray NxT instrument, an image-based digital cell-sorting and isolation platform that enables clinical researchers to conduct molecular analyses on live or fixed cells with single-cell precision.

The innovative DepArray FFPE workflow resolves tumor sample heterogeneity by separating pure tumor and stromal cell populations from FFPE tissue. Unlike bulk, unsorted cell population analysis, pure tumor population analysis reveals copy-number variants, homozygosity, and mutations, enabling precise genomic analysis and supporting therapeutic decisionmaking.

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