Siemens will host the Webinar “Laboratory Testing for Food Allergies” on Tuesday, December 6. Katherine Soreng, PhD, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, will host the event.

Food allergy is a potentially serious immune response. The CDC estimates that four out of every 100 children in the US have a food allergy, and prevalence is growing. While many will outgrow the condition, for others it is a lifelong concern. Reactions can be life threatening, while others can produce significant but usually transient symptoms. Food allergies are most commonly mediated by IgE antibodies that recognize specific food proteins. Laboratory identification of these antibodies has proven a valuable tool to aid in the diagnosis and management of the food allergy response.

Attendees will be able to describe the role of IgE antibody in food allergies, understand the clinical utilization of specific IgE results, discuss recent publications regarding in-vitro food allergy testing, and discuss the benefits as well as limitations of IgE in allergy testing

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Source: Siemens