Siemens will host a new Webinar titled “Clinical Applications of Mycophenolic Acid Monitoring” on September 14. Attendees will discover how monitoring Mycophenolic Acid (MPA) levels can lead to improved transplant patient care today.

Immunosuppressant drug (ISD) therapy and monitoring is essential for long-term graft and patient survival in organ transplantation. Today, more transplant patients are being treated with multi-drug regimens that include MPA. While monitoring MPA levels is not widely performed, studies suggest that therapeutic drug monitoring of MPA is beneficial to transplant patient management.

Additionally, learn why MPA monitoring may become even more critical in the future as organ transplant patient management evolves with the discovery of markers of immune-suppression.

Dr. Michael Oellerich, FFPath (RCPI), FRCPath, director, department of clinical chemistry, George-August-University, University Medical Center Göttingen will speak at the event.

Source: Siemens