Diagnostic Chemicals Ltd has announced the availability of its new ready-to-use, liquid-stable, direct enzymatic LDL-ADVANCE™ assay. The use of a direct, liquid-stable LDL assay eliminates the need for test-result calculations and reagent-reconstitution procedures, thereby reducing potential errors, while saving time and labor for the clinical laboratory.
     DCL’s LDL-ADVANCE assay is available in two separate, convenient test-kit configurations of either 1 x 60 mL/1 x 20 mL or 2 x 60 mL/2 x 20 mL. A separate vial of calibrator material is also included within each kit, while quality-control materials are also available to support the assay.
     The assay is ideally suited for use with fully automated testing procedures, and a number of instrument applications are currently available. DCL’s LDL-ADVANCE assay also features a shelf-life stability claim of 12 months and a reportable linear range up to 400 mg/dL, and offers superior performance characteristics with regard to sensitivity, accuracy, specificity, and precision.

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