Clinicians, like laboratorians, are having to adapt to the changing landscape in healthcare. Included in these changes are the facts that payers and patients are demanding better care at a more affordable rate, and the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance is placing a magnifying glass over many antimicrobial prescription decisions. With these changes, clinicians are having to become more selective in both the ordering of diagnostic testing and the use of antimicrobials.

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The recent introduction of flexible multiplex infectious disease testing for respiratory pathogens is allowing laboratorians the ability to better adapt the testing they can offer to the needs of their providers and patients. Bert Lopansri, M.D., is uniquely suited to speak on the impact of the changing landscape of healthcare and the value of flexible testing from both the clinician’s and laboratorian’s perspective, serving as the Chief of Infectious Diseases and Medical Director of the Urban Central Regional Microbiology Lab at Intermountain Health.