CLC_Hydrocodone 350Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Winston-Salem, NC, has received FDA clearance for its hydrocodone test, the first “ready-to-use” assay to rapidly screen for the presence of hydrocodone and hydromorphone in urine with minimal cross-reactivity. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more people in the United States die each year from prescription drug abuse than from heroin and cocaine combined. The federal government recently issued guidelines restricting patients on hydrocodone medications such as Vicodin and Lortab to a 90-day supply and requiring them to revisit a physician for a refill. The hydrocodone test is a homogeneous enzyme immunoassay intended for both the qualitative and semi-quantitative determination of hydrocodone at 100ng/mL or 300ng/mL cut-off. Carolina Liquid Chemistries supplies controls and calibrators to accommodate the cut-off. For more information, visit Carolina Liquid Chemistries.