To ease the burden on busy researchers, Oasis Diagnostics Corp, Portland, Ore, has launched a new division, the Oasis Research Laboratory (ORL), which will be devoted to providing testing services for several hormone panels.

The company’s service will offer discreet panels to assess hormone and other biomarkers in saliva specimens, relieving laboratorians from the complexities inherent in biomarker testing in research settings. Three panels are available—a fertility panel, a stress panel, and a steroid panel—each offering a customized set of multiplexed tests for steroid hormones and certain cytokines. On request, Oasis may able to test for additional biomarkers of interest to the research community.

The service enables researchers to obtain results for simple and complex sets of hormones and other analytes by simply collecting saliva samples and shipping them directly to the ORL facility. Competitive pricing will enable even small research groups to use the service while remaining within the limits of the competitive funding for their research projects.

Paul Slowey, PhD, CEO, Oasis Diagnostics.

Paul Slowey, PhD, CEO, Oasis Diagnostics.

“I am excited to see how researchers will utilize the ORL,” says Paul D. Slowey, PhD, CEO of Oasis Diagnostics. “We have tried to locate services like this in the past for our own applications, but ended up having to develop the processes in house. We now firmly believe that we can bring flexible and cost-effective salivary biomarker testing to researchers needing this kind of service and support.”

For further information, visit the ORL homepage via Oasis Diagnostics.