Asymptote CellSeal Automated Thawing SystemCell Thawing System
Detects precise thaw end-point
Cook Regentec, Indianapolis, and Asymptote Ltd, Cambridge, UK, have launched the CellSeal automated thawing system. The system provides users with thorough control in the thawing of cryogenically frozen cells, and works through dry conduction without requiring water, a potential source of contamination. Users can tune a thaw profile to suit the specific needs of their cellular therapy, then lock the profile down for one-touch repeatability. The system removes user subjectivity by detecting the precise thaw end-point. Data recording captures a record of the thaw process.
Cook Regentec
(800) 265-0945; www.cookregentec.com


Dotmatics Screenshot2 - Alignment and ClusteringBioinformatics Software
Scales to handle big data
Dotmatics, Bishops Stortford, United Kingdom, has released Vortex for Bioinformatics, a software program designed to enable bioscientists to analyze and visualize their data in order to make better-informed decisions. Built into the company’s long-established Vortex program, Vortex for Bioinformatics can handle antibody, peptide, protein, and whole-genome data, and can scale to handle massive amounts of data, including whole genomes on a laptop. A selection of analysis algorithms is available, including alignment, cross-alignment, clustering, and search.
(855) 808-8332; dotmatics.com


Product range, Sartocon Slice Self Contained Unit, CrossflowFiltration Assemblies
Purifies vaccines, recombinant proteins
Polyethersulfone membranes from Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB), Göttingen, Germany, are now integrated into two new, sterile Sartocon benchtop and production-scale filtration assemblies. The assemblies support rapid and safe ultrafiltration of biologics and vaccines. Their fully enclosed design makes the assemblies well suited for safely purifying vaccines and recombinant proteins, as well as for manufacturing monoclonal antibodies. The self-contained filter loop assembly has been developed for use with SSB’s unique control unit, the FlexAct UD. The Sartocon slice self-contained bag loop assembly has been designed for SSB’s benchtop crossflow system, Sartoflow Alpha plus SU.
Sartorius Stedim Biotech
(800) 368-7178; www.sartorius.com/en/


Biotage SNAP-Bio-C4-25-gFlash Cartridges
Handle peptide purification
Biotage, Uppsala, Sweden, has launched Biotage Snap Bio C18 and Biotage Snap Bio C4 cartridges, a new line of high-performance flash cartridges with wide pore media (300 Å) for reversed-phase purification of peptides and other larger molecules. The cartridges have an increased loading capability compared to prep RP-HPLC, enabling more peptide to be processed in a single injection and more efficient peptide purification. Flash purification also facilitates a reduction in solvent usage and waste. Snap Bio columns are available in 10 g-, 25 g-, 50 g-, and 100 g-sized cartridges.
(800) 446-4752; www.biotage.com


BBI Solutions Galectin 3Galectin-3 Reagents
Demonstrate low cross-reactivity
BBI Solutions, Cardiff, UK, has launched a line of antibodies for the biomarker galectin-3. The antibodies complement BBI’s galectin-3 antigen, which was launched earlier in 2016. Available to sample, the antibodies are highly sensitive with low cross-reactivity. Galectin-3 has been recognized as a potential biomarker for heart failure, fibrosis, and a variety of cancer types. The antibodies have been tested within sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, including in a human serum matrix, and can detect galectin-3 levels as low as 0.025 ng/mL.
BBI Solutions
(608) 310-4105; www.bbisolutions.com


Kimberly-Clark pure-a6-coverall-47681Hooded Coverall
Designed for liquid splash protection
The Kimtech Pure A6 liquid splash protection coverall with hood from Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, Ga, provides liquid barrier protection along with a breathable back panel to keep workers in critical areas safe and cool. The coverall provides liquid splash protection and comfort in a single suit through two low-lint fabrics: a high-performance laminated film for the front panel, hood, arms, and legs; and a lightweight, breathable filter material for the back panel. The coverall also offers 94% bacterial filtration efficiency, and built-in thumb loops and elastic cuffs. Bulk packaging is also available, with 25 individually packed coveralls per case.
Kimberly-Clark Professional
(800) 241-3146; www.kimtech.com


E Instruments AQ VOC with Zero FilterFilter Attachment
Enhances instrument accuracy
E Instruments, Langhorne, Pa, has released a zero filter attachment that enables more accurate zeroing of the company’s gas sensors for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The filter removes VOCs and other toxic gases (except CO2) from the ambient air, and allows the instrument to measure the zero point for the VOC gas sensor. Once the filter is removed, the instrument can obtain a more accurate VOC reading.
E Instruments
(215) 720-1136; www.e-inst.com


New England Biolabs Luna kitsUniversal Kits
Optimized for DNA, RNA quantitation
New England Biolabs, Ipswich, Mass, has released Luna universal quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) and reverse-transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) kits, which are optimized for DNA or RNA quantitation from diverse sample sources and target types, and are compatible with a wide range of instruments. The new family of Luna kits utilizes convenient master mix formats and user-friendly protocols to simplify reaction setup. For added convenience, the master mixes are formulated with a reference dye that universally supports real-time instruments and a noninterfering blue visible dye to assist in tracking the reagents when pipetting into clear multiwelled PCR plates.
New England Biolabs
(978) 927-5054; www.neb.com


Whitney Pipet KeeperPipette Disposal System
Constructed with sturdy paperboard
The new, longer design of the Terminal brand Pipet Keeper from Whitney Medical Solutions, Niles, Ill, enables disposal of contaminated pipettes, swabs, and other items up to 15 inches in length at users’ workstations. The Pipet Keeper is designed for easy use by both right and left handlers, with interlocking top and enclosable flaps. The units are disposable, made of sturdy paperboard, and have a plastic lining and webbed corners to avoid soak-through. They are shipped flat for efficient storage, and then easily fold together for use.
Whitney Medical Solutions
(800) 338-4237; www.whitneymedicalsolutions.com


BioDesix option 2Integrated Blood Test
Delivers results in 72 hours
The Biodesix Lung Reflex test integrates real-time measurement of genomic and proteomic biomarkers to inform tumor mutation status and the impact of the patients’ immune response to their tumor. For newly diagnosed patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), GeneStrat testing detects actionable mutations to inform targeted therapies for NSCLC. Patients with EGFR, EML4-ALK, ROS1, and RET positive results are candidates for targeted therapies. Patients with EGFR negative results will reflex to VeriStrat testing to better understand prognosis and find additional treatment options upon progression of disease. Results are delivered in 72 hours.
(303) 417-0500; www.biodesix.com