Last week, Clinical Lab Products was on the scene of the 2016 annual meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), in Philadelphia.

As of Wednesday, August 3, the meeting had 20,000 registrants, representing a 14% increase from attendance at last year’s event and the highest number of attendees in the past 4 years. The clinical lab expo boasted more than 730 exhibitors and covered 244,000 net square feet—the largest show floor in the conference’s history.

“At the 68th AACC annual scientific meeting, leaders in laboratory medicine demonstrated the integral role they play in healthcare—whether it’s curbing outbreaks of infectious diseases like Zika, finding new solutions to tackle diabetes, or offering essential insights into cannabis use for policymakers,” says Janet B. Kreizman, CEO of AACC. “Laboratory medicine professionals continue to develop innovative solutions to patient health problems, and I look forward to seeing the new advances that will be presented at next year’s conference.”

Here’s an overview of news that CLP highlighted in its AACC 2016 blog.

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