Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB), Aubagne, France, recently announced an agreement to integrate the BioProfile Flex2 analyzer from Nova Biomedical (Nova), Waltham, Mass, into Ambr multiparallel bioreactor systems for automated, at-line cell culture analytics.

Integration of the BioProfile Flex2 analyzer and the parallel bioprocessing functionality of Ambr systems will create a unique tool able to simultaneously run, sample, and analyze a massive number of cell culture conditions during high-throughput cell line, media, and process development by design of experiments (DoE). The integration aims to allow biopharmaceutical companies to develop well-characterized cell culture processes in less time while preventing the process development bottleneck being shifted to the analytical laboratory.

The partnership aims to deliver fully integrated analytics for the Ambr 15 cell culture system during the third quarter of 2017, and for the Ambr 250 high-throughput system later in 2017. The Ambr platform mimics the characteristics of classical bioreactors at the microscale by allowing automated parallel processing of single-use bioreactors. Integrating Ambr and the BioProfile Flex2 will benefit users by allowing independent sampling, sample transfer, analysis, and automated feedback control in each mini bioreactor.

“The combination of Ambr and Nova’s BioProfile Flex2 solution saves time by significantly increasing the amount of data that can be generated per run,” says Stefan Schlack, senior vice president of marketing and product management at SSB. “Together with our Umetrics and BioPat MFCS software suites, this will offer a complete solution to generate and analyze the vast amounts of data required for a quality-by-design approach to upstream bioprocess development.”

“We’re very excited about this collaboration,” says Nicholas Theodore, senior vice president of global sales for Nova Biomedical. “The combination of Nova’s expertise in automated cell culture analysis and Sartorius’ talent in delivering microscale smart reactors will yield tremendous benefits for the biotech industry. The integration of BioProfile Flex2 with the Ambr cell culture systems will result in accelerated commercialization of products and the ability to develop more products at lower cost, while ensuring the best quality of biotherapeutics for patients worldwide.”

For more information, visit Nova Biomedical and Sartorius Stedim Biotech.