Leica Microsystems Inc has expanded its clinical microscope line with the Leica DM1000 laboratory microscope, which is designed for custom configuration. It has a small footprint to save space without sacrificing comfort. Its ergonomic features provide the ability to control the position of all key user interface points, which could help prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Ergonomic features include height-adjustable focus knobs that allow users to position their arms and wrists for individualized comfort. The low stage controls are also height adjustable and positioned symmetrically to the focus knobs, allowing the shoulders to remain in a symmetrical position. The viewing tubes tilt and extend, and can be repositioned throughout the day to ensure comfort. The overall height of the microscope can be customized with the ergo lift and the tube height can be adjusted using an ergo module.

The Leica DM1000 features German-engineered optics, which are brightness synchronized to provide clear, sharp images without the need to adjust light intensity. Prefixed Koehler illumination means the condenser is correctly centered and requires no adjustment.

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