miCarl Zeiss Microscopy will host a Webinar on 3View technology from 12 noon to 1 pm EDT on October 10, featuring three expert speakers.

These physics and microscopy specialists will summarize the 3View® technology, present on the advantages of ZEISS FE-SEMs in connection with 3View®, offer helpful application examples using the MERLIN 3View, and answer questions submitted by attendees.

When combined with MERLIN® or ?IGMA™ VP field emission scanning electron microscopes (FE-SEMs) from Carl Zeiss, 3View® can provide fast and convenient 3-D imaging for tissue samples. 3View®, an ultramicrotome inside the SEM chamber, acquires high resolution 3-D data from resi- embedded cell and tissue samples in the shortest possible time, according to the company.

The sample is continuously cut and imaged to produce thousands of serial images in a single day, each perfectly aligned as they are all generated from one fixed block. The FE-SEMs MERLIN®, MERLIN Compact and ?IGMA VP are ideally suited to support this application. The  GEMINI® column technology delivers images with TEM-like quality and allows extremely fast 3-D imaging of large volumes at nanometer resolution.

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[Source: Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC]