Olympus Corp, Waltham, Mass, has introduced the Alpha3 light sheet microscope to its life sciences line of high-quality and high-performance optics products.

The new microscope is the result of a partnership with PhaseView, Paris, an advanced 3D microscopy and scientific imaging company. Combining Olympus’ BX43 upright frame and optics with PhaseView’s advanced multiview selective plane illumination technology, the Alpha3 is a cost-effective light microscopy solution. The collaboration between Olympus and PhaseView aims to facilitate distribution of the Alpha3 light sheet system in the Americas.

The Alpha3 light sheet microscope system provides high temporal and spatial resolution of both fixed and live biological samples for 3D imaging. The optional Smart 3D scanning technology allows for fast z-stacking and perturbation-free acquisition at 75 images per second. Unlike traditional confocal technologies, which experience a drop in brightness with increasing depth, a light sheet offers a greater depth of field over the entire field of view. Owing in part to its dual illumination units, the Alpha3 can provide greater subcellular resolution without compromising the speed or excitation efficiency.

In addition to increased speed, an important benefit of light sheet microscopy is reduced phototoxicity. The system’s multiview selective plane illumination, in combination with real-time laser focus sweeping technology, permits ultrathin optical sectioning for illumination homogeneity, increased axial resolution, and enhanced signal-to-noise response compared to traditional confocal techniques.

The Alpha3 system is used in applications from in vivo observation to large, cleared samples with the following features:

  • A variety of sample holders accommodate a broad range of sample sizes.
  • Live observation using optical eyepieces and an environmentally controlled yet easily accessible sample chamber.
  • Macro-to-micro viewing for imaging whole organs as well as very small organisms at a subcellular resolution.
  • Corrosion-resistant mounting accessories for aqueous and organic solvents.

The modularity of the Alpha3 system’s components, including a full selection of detection objectives (2X–60X), extends the benefits of light sheet technology to a wider range of academic research fields. The system can be adapted to fit specific experimental needs and budgets.

For further information, visit Olympus.