Leica Microsystems introduces the Leica ASP6025, an advanced tissue processor for histology laboratories that is focused on improving quality, laboratory productivity and, most importantly, patient safety. The primary focus of the new Leica ASP6025 is to ensure that specimens receive high-quality processing with utmost protection and care for each specimen.

The Leica ASP6025 incorporates a range of innovative features for specimen safety including a battery backup system that protects the specimens even during a complete power failure and a glass window that allows a quick visual check of specimens during processing. Also, Leica RemoteCare remote 24-hour monitoring helps identify problems before they damage tissue.

Its rapid processing capabilities ensure fast turnaround times while a host of productivity innovations reduce upkeep time. The system also offers a xylene-free processing option, contact-free remote fill and drain, and a unique system that draws fumes away for the operator when the processor’s lid is opened.

Source: Leica Microsystems