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The AcroMetrix Web site was created to directly serve its worldwide customer base, enabling scientists and laboratory professionals to easily navigate the range of products offered by the company. With facilities in Benicia, Calif, and Alkmaar, the Netherlands, AcroMetrix provides a comprehensive line of molecular and serological diagnostic products to assist laboratories in meeting government quality regulations. AcroMetrix maintains this leadership role by consistently developing innovative standards, external run controls, and validation kits for molecular and serological testing in blood screening, diagnostic laboratories, and research settings.


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American Diagnostica Inc (ADI), Stamford, Conn, is a leader in the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of an innovative line of quality medical products used in the fields of coagulation, fibrinolysis, thrombosis, hemostasis, and oncology. ADI aims to meet the evolving needs of the diagnostic, research, and pharmaceutical communities with cutting-edge technology and a broad range of more than 500 products that improve productivity, reliability, economy, and quality of life.

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LabDAQ is a comprehensive and affordable laboratory information system well suited for physician’s office labs, clinics, and community hospitals. A result of more than 20 years of field experience, LabDAQ is easy to learn and significantly reduces training time. LabDAQ users have access to a technical support department that is extremely knowledgeable and boasts that 97% of all service calls are answered by a staff member. LabDAQ is powered by an Oracle database that stores all critical information safely and securely.

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Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, Calif, is a growing and innovative company with more than 40 years’ experience. With 27 wholly owned subsidiaries serving more than 100 countries, Bio-Rad supports the worldwide health care community. Its expertise in the areas of autoimmune, diabetes monitoring, hemoglobin screening, quality control, virology, infectious disease, and toxicology enables the company to provide customized testing solutions.

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Centerchem, Inc, Norwalk, Conn, offers a diverse selection of assays for coagulation and fibrinolysis diagnostics as well as specialty biochemicals. The Pefakit® line of test kits from Pentapharm, Ltd includes assays for PiCT®, in-TDT®, APC-R Factor V Leiden, Factor XIII, TAFI and Reptilase®. With the addition of the QuikCoag™ line from BioMedica Diagnostics, Centerchem now offers assays for PT, aPTT, and Fibrinogen. It also distributes specialty biochemicals for the research, development, and production of in vitro diagnostic products and pharmaceuticals. These include highly purified snake venom proteins; peptide substrates; synthetic and natural protease inhibitors; and Prionex®, The BSA Alternative™.

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Copan supplies laboratories with high-quality innovative testing supplies. Manufacturers of swabs, loops, and pipettes for use in lab conditions, Copan’s products are designed for safety in all types of laboratories (blood bank, hematology, bacteriology, urinalysis, etc). Its Web site offers extensive information about all of its new products and developments, as well as a place to search the extensive Copan catalog.

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The Diamedix Web site is designed to be user-friendly and contains a variety of resources such as package inserts, CLSI (formerly NCCLS)-formatted documents, material safety data sheets, and product descriptions for just about all of the wide range of autoimmune and infectious-disease test kits and automated instrumentation options Diamedix offers. Navigating the site is a breeze, and you can download and/or print any information you may need. Diamedix is further enhancing its Web site to provide technical bulletins, reports, abstracts and articles, and more.

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Equal Diagnostics, Exton, Pa, recently launched its new multimedia site that provides existing and potential customers with a convenient source of information about the company’s extensive line of reagents and accessories for the clinical laboratory. The site’s theme, “unlock the potential of your chemistry analyzer,” reflects Equal’s varied list of reagents that provide maximum functionality for all major analyzers. The site showcases the company’s advanced Direct LDL reagent, in addition to a comprehensive product listing. Visitors to the site also can take advantage of free offers for a lipid testing reimbursement update CD and the revised coronary heart disease chart, which conforms to the newly released National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel 3 guidelines. EQUAL Diagnostics has been providing laboratories with high-quality, low-cost chemistry reagents since 1987.

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The QuickSlide Plus hematology stainer (GG&B) represents a significant advancement in automated slide staining, whether it is used as the primary stainer in small hospitals, physician’s office labs, or stat labs; or used as a stat/backup instrument. Each slide is automatically calibrated, stained, decolorized, and counterstained from 3 to 4.5 minutes. The stainer automatically adjusts for sample thickness, has individual preference controls for color intensity, features an automatic cleaning cycle, and can be updated or modified via the Internet.

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Kronus, Boise, Idaho, supplies a variety of immunoassay test kits used in the diagnosis and management of various endocrine and metabolic autoimmune disorders. These assays include the autoantibodies against the following: TSH Receptor for the diagnosis of Graves’ disease; 21-OH for the diagnosis of Addison’s disease; and IA-2, insulin, and the recently approved GAD65 RIA for the diagnosis of diabetes. Kronus now also provides external immunoassay control material, which complements its existing product range and can be used on a variety of manufacturers’ platforms, including thyroglobulin and thyroglobulin autoantibody controls.

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Mopec Inc, Oak Park, Mich, is a leading manufacturer of pathology, histology, morgue, and necropsy equipment and supplies. The company has designed, engineered, and supplied some of the finest facilities in the world and is committed to producing safe, efficient, and easy-to-use laboratory equipment of the highest quality. Mopec manufactures ventilated grossing workstations, tables, and cabinets that are engineered to provide maximum protection from hazardous vapors, fumes, and aerosols. Exclusive to Mopec, the just-introduced Illum-A-Field forceps and scissors have a high-intensity focused light beam with no discernable heat output.

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Since 1919, Olympus has developed innovative technology solutions that contribute positively to society and is also committed to corporate social responsibility, including respect for the environment. In 2006, Olympus completed its relocation to new corporate headquarters for the Americas in Center Valley, Pa. In designing the new headquarters, a number of the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design features were incorporated into the state-of-the art complex.

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Quantimetrix Corp develops and manufactures innovative clinical diagnostic products for domestic and international distribution, including Lipoprint®, the only FDA market-cleared LDL subfraction test system. Its core control products include urinalysis, general chemistry, specialty chemistry, and whole blood controls. Its control products are liquid, ready to use, with long-term stability. Other quality products include electrophoresis systems, diagnostic assays, and OEM products.

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Randox Laboratories Ltd is a privately owned diagnostic reagent and equipment manufacturer. Established in 1982, Randox is a multimillion-pound business that employs more than 600 people, including 185 research scientists. Randox’s success has been built on the philosophy “that we exist and expand through our customers.” Randox has sales and distribution agreements in 130 countries and international offices. Randox develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range of clinical diagnostic products for laboratory medicine. Randox Laboratories’ goal is to continue investing in the development of new health care technology solutions to improve disease diagnosis and patient care.

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Remel is a global provider of high-quality microbiology products used by clinical, industrial, research, and academic laboratories. An extensive product portfolio that includes trusted, market-leading brand names and superior product performance is complemented by a team of experts dedicated to providing the highest levels of technical support and customer service.

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Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis, is a leader in in vitro diagnostics and has a broad portfolio of diagnostics tools. This wide array of innovative testing products and services is supplied to researchers, physicians, patients, hospitals, and laboratories worldwide. Roche Diagnostics’ Indianapolis campus is home to its US headquarters; and it includes a research and development laboratory, and manufacturing, distribution, and information technology facilities. The company is involved in business areas of diabetes care, centralized diagnostics, applied science, molecular diagnostics, and point of care.

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Worldwide headquarters for the pathology business is located in Torrance, Calif, highlighting Sakura as an integral part of the clinical and research community. Sakura has built its success and solidified its reputation by providing timely, ingenious solutions to the real challenges laboratories face on a day-to-day basis. The company prides itself on its reliability, quality, and value. The cornerstones of a great combination of traditions that span more than a century of innovation at Sakura. Sakura makes those claims and backs them up with a corporate commitment to every product and service it delivers. Sakura has a passion for the highest quality and reliability possible at a reasonable cost.

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Wescor Inc, Logan, Utah, is an internationally respected leader in biotechnology instruments for use in medicine science and industry. Wescor’s Macroduct® and Nanoduct® systems are the world standard for the clinical confirmation of the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. Aerospray® Hematology, Gram and Acid Fast Bacteria(AFB) Slide Stainer/Cytcentrifuges, developed and manufactured by Wescor, are found in thousands of laboratories worldwide. Wescor’s Vapro® Vapor Pressure Osmometer and Colloid Osmometer are the workhorses of the medical and scientific industries. An ISO 1345:2003-certified company, Wescor is dedicated to providing the finest-quality products and dependable service to the industry.

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Whitney Products Inc, Niles, Ill, has been a family-owned business for 20 years. The company designs, refines, and manufactures convenient and cost-efficient safety-based products for lab environments. Whitney provides convenience with disposal management systems made for workstations and common disposal areas. The company also provides affordable and durable products that are designed to be disposable. Providing on-site manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and responsive customer service, Whitney Products meets the needs of any-sized laboratory. Whitney’s line of products enables laboratories to maintain high standards.

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For more than 30 years, Utak has been helping professionals in the clinical and forensic toxicology fields to accurately evaluate the results of many different analytical test methods over the therapeutic and toxic ranges. Utak’s extensive and ever-expanding product line of toxicology controls has clinical applications (for example, therapeutic drug monitoring), in addition to forensic applications (for example, the monitoring of drugs of abuse). Utak also manufactures custom toxicology controls to meet exact specifications for those laboratories with individualized needs.