Abbott Alinity ciIntegrated Modular System
Equipped with increased loading capacity
Offering a flexible, modular design, the Alinity c clinical chemistry system and the Alinity i immunoassay system from Abbott, Abbott Park, Ill, can operate individually or as an integrated Alinity ci-series unit, all within half the size of current diagnostics systems. Features include increased loading capacity for samples and tests, separate lanes to run urgent tests without interrupting lab workflow, and solution bottles designed to work like a lock and key to ensure the right solutions can only be inserted into the right location. The instruments are now available in Europe and other countries that recognize the CE mark.
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Beckman DxC 700 AUClinical Chemistry Analyzer
Suited for mid- to high-volume clinical laboratories
Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, Brea, Calif, has received FDA premarket notification (510(k)) clearance for its DxC 700 AU chemistry analyzer. The system brings together the advanced capabilities of two Beckman Coulter products—the simple, intuitive design of the DxC analyzer and the robust throughput and workhorse capabilities of the AU analyzer—into a single standardized platform designed to meet the needs of mid- to high-volume clinical laboratories. The DxC 700 AU chemistry analyzer reduces the number of test-processing steps by 30%, streamlining workflow for laboratory professionals.
Beckman Coulter
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Roche Cobas c513HbA1c Analyzer
Delivers 400 patient results per hour
The Cobas c 513 analyzer from Roche, Indianapolis, further increases laboratory efficiency by doubling the throughput to 400 patient results per hour with the same footprint as the Cobas Integra 800 CTS, which it replaces. The system features direct results reporting, minimizing the risk of result misinterpretation and eliminating the need to perform time-consuming, manual result interpretation. The analyzer also provides a high on-board test capacity of up to 18,000 tests and features closed-tube sampling for greater lab efficiencies and maximum operator safety. The analyzer runs the Roche Tina-quant HbA1c Gen.3 assay, which is also used across the Roche laboratory HbA1c portfolio.
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Carolina Liquid Chemistries clc800-aia900-2.0Integrated Analyzer
Provides ease of scalability
With access to more than 80 chemistry and 40 immunoassay tests, an integrated chemistry and immunoassay system from Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp, Winston-Salem, NC, and Tosoh Bioscience, South San Francisco, Calif, is suited for both small hospitals and large clinical laboratories. By interfacing the CLC800 and Tosoh AIA900 into a laboratory information system, clinical laboratories can perform up to 800 clinical chemistry tests per hour, including electrolytes, and 90 immunoassay tests per hour. Both analyzers are easily upgraded to larger CLC and Tosoh platforms to meet the needs of a growing laboratory.
Carolina Liquid Chemistries
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Siemens SH Dimension EXL Integrated Chemistry SystemsSiemens SH Dimension EXL Integrated Chemistry SystemsIntegrated Chemistry Systems
Enables simultaneous processing
The Dimension EXL 200 and Dimension EXL with LM integrated chemistry systems from Siemens Healthineers, Tarrytown, NY, offer automated productivity-enhancing features for a variety of laboratory needs. The analyzers are suited for low- to mid-volume laboratories, stat laboratories, and satellite laboratories. The system’s chemistry and immunoassay integration allows simultaneous processing to provide fast and accurate results in a small footprint. The easy-to-use Dimension system improves workflow efficiency by eliminating manual reagent preparation and sample pretreatment, and reducing calibration and maintenance efforts. Proprietary luminescent oxygen channeling immunoassay (LOCI) chemiluminescence technology supports fast and reliable immunoassay results, highlighted by a 10-minute, guideline-compliant troponin-I assay.
Siemens Healthineers
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Sekisui SK500Compact Chemistry System
36 onboard assays
The compact SK500 chemistry system from Sekisui Diagnostics, Lexington, Mass, features affordability and efficiency, with a broad menu of quality Sekure reagents. The system offers throughput of up to 580 tests per hour with ion-selective electrode (ISE), and an onboard capacity of 72 patient samples. The unit is designed to minimize the use of water to 13L per day, and has 36 onboard assays (plus three ISE assays) to meet the testing needs of small- to moderate-volume laboratories. A simple and intuitive interface requires minimal training, and utilization of primary tubes and cups allows for easy deployment.
Sekisui Diagnostics
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ELITech Envoy 500+Benchtop Chemistry System
Includes reusable glass cuvettes
The Envoy 500+ is a fully automated chemistry system from ELITechGroup, Smithfield, RI. Running up to 490 tests per hour, the benchtop system can accommodate 20–80 patients per day, according to the company. The unit is well suited for small- to medium-sized physician office laboratories, satellite laboratories, and small hospitals. The system includes advanced software, reusable glass cuvettes, clot detection, and remote system diagnostics. Reagents for the system are manufactured, validated, and optimized by ELITechGroup to ensure quality results and optimal performance.
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Medtest 480 EnsembleFloor Model General Chemistry Analyzer
Produces 400 photometric test results per hour
MedTest, Canton, Mich, offers a comprehensive menu for drugs of abuse screening and general chemistries on the BS-480 chemistry analyzer, which meets the testing needs of mid-volume laboratories. The analyzer produces 400 photometric test results per hour; 240 ion-selective electrode (ISE) tests per hour with an overall throughput of 560 tests per hour. Advanced features include automatic processes such as automatic start-up, ISE calibration, quality control, pre- and post-dilution, probe cleaning, probe collision recovery, reagent blank checks, and rerun, among others. Specialty tests include HbA1c, lipoprotein(a), microalbumin, and vitamin D.
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EKF Diagnostics Altair 240Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Offers bidirectional LIS connectivity
The Altair 240 clinical chemistry analyzer from EKF Diagnostics USA, Boerne, Tex, is an integrated chemistry system designed for the global market. Available as a benchtop platform, the fully automated analyzer is equipped with bidirectional laboratory information system connectivity, and is capable of performing up to 480 tests per hour with the optional ion-selective electrode module. In addition to being supported by EKF’s broad menu of Stanbio Chemistry ready-to-use, barcoded, liquid reagents, the Altair 240 also provides the flexibility to configure open-channel applications for many other assays. The analyzer features a touchscreen menu, auto-rerun, auto-dilution, and stat interruption, while running on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.
EKF Diagnostics
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Alfa_Wassermann_ACE_AxcelPhysician Office Lab Analyzer
In-house chemistry testing
The Ace Axcel clinical chemistry analyzer from Alfa?Wassermann, West Caldwell, NJ, is FDA-cleared specifically for use in physician office laboratories. Designed to assist physicians in quickly diagnosing and effectively?monitoring patients, the system also delivers a reliable?revenue source and streamlines procedures for?laboratory personnel. Enabled with touchscreen functionality, Internet connectivity, and an intuitive user interface, the analyzer can be used in the diagnosis and management of anemia, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and other conditions.
Alfa Wassermann
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