Web Workstation
Local or remote access to information
Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems Inc has introduced LabPak® EX Workstation, a Web-based enhancement to its LabPak laboratory information system (LIS) solution. LabPak EX Workstation provides LabPak users with local or remote access to patient registration, lab orders, and results using secure connectivity over a local area network, wide area network, or the Internet. The outreach portal enables affiliates in remote laboratories and point-of-care locations to enter requisition data, and print labels and reports. The browser-based, intuitive interface appeals to both laboratory and nonlaboratory personnel. The Windows®-based line of LabPak LIS solutions is suitable for physician’s office laboratories, group practices, clinics, and small hospitals; and has solved the LIS needs of more than 1,500 customers across the United States, Canada, and the Bahamas. The LabPak suite offers proven, cost-effective solutions that are easy to use and provide a wide range of more than 400 instrument and host interfaces. The addition of EX Workstation® combines the feature-rich LabPak LIS with the accessibility and convenience of the Web. EX Workstation is password protected and secure, using encrypted communication over the Web to keep data safe and to help facilities meet HIPAA requirements.

Fletcher-Flora Health Care Systems
(800) 777-1471; www.fletcher-flora.com

Bench-Top Keepers
Collect contaminated nonsharp waste
Terminal® Brand Biohazard Bench-Top Keepers™ collect contaminated nonsharp waste without the user having to make unnecessary trips to a central biohazard container. Plastic lined to avoid leaking, the Bench-Top Keepers keep areas neat and clean, economically. Users may autoclave contaminated materials in the container.

Whitney Products Inc
(800) 338-4237; www.whitneyproducts.com

Blood-Separation Centrifuge
Provides PPP and PRP
The StatSpin Express 2 is a primary tube centrifuge for separating blood in 2 minutes. It can be placed next to any analyzer for rapid chemistry, cardiac, or coagulation testing. The StatSpin Express 2 spins standard 5-ml tubes and produces quality serum or plasma equal to 10- to 15-minute runs in larger, more costly equipment. Small and quiet, it can be used right at the workstation; whether it is the emergency department, laboratory, or clinic.

Iris Sample Processing
(781) 551-0100; www.proiris.com

Plasma-Thawing System
Rapidly thaws random and apheresis frozen plasma
QuickThaw™ Plasma Thawing Systems provide rapid and safe thawing of random and apheresis frozen plasma. The QuickThaw agitates the frozen plasma in baskets that are submerged in the tank. The baskets automatically lift out of the water at the end of each cycle, when a high-temperature alarm is activated, or on customer demand. The basket assemblies operate independently, allowing different batch-start times. This flexibility provides more efficient use of frozen plasma. Two models are available. The DH4 accommodates up to four units of frozen plasma, while the DH8 can accommodate up to eight units. QuickThaw includes a polished stainless steel tank and baskets, a programmable temperature controller, independent controls and a LED time display for each basket, and an easy-to-read control panel that provide touch-button start/stop. Optional items for the QuickThaw system include a chamber cover, a digital thermometer, CleanBath additive, and plasma overwraps that contain spillage from broken plasma bags.

Helmer Inc
(800) 743-5637; www.helmerinc.com

Network Imaging Solution
For histopathologists
Leica Microsystems has designed a new network imaging solution that addresses not only the growing workload in today’s busy histopathology laboratory but also the need to quickly share data. The Leica DMD108 offers an innovative solution for histopathologists that increases physical comfort and provides an easy-to-use network solution for sharing data. The Leica DMD108 makes histopathology work more comfortable. The pathologist no longer needs to look through a microscope’s eyepieces to view and analyze specimens. This results in a truly ergonomic working position. The DMD108 system provides Leica’s renowned, high-quality images directly on a monitor using a high-resolution camera and powerful image-processing software. The DMD108 generates high-resolution images with brilliant color fidelity that equal those produced using a conventional microscope. Histopathologists can use the Leica DMD108 to photograph tissue details of interest or compare tissue sections. Images are easily stored with the click of a mouse and can be retrieved at any time. Size ratios are also calculated with a simple keystroke. The histopathologist can then audio-record the diagnosis using the DMD108, and the diagnosis is ready for transmission. The Leica DMD108 provides an ideal link between pathologists around the world. Now, holding discussions about specific cases is amazingly easy with Leica’s new network imaging solution, and it is far more convenient than conventional discussion microscopes. Images can even be e-mailed during the work process whenever a second opinion is required from a colleague who is not linked to the network. A second monitor or high-resolution data projector can be added to the system for training, conferences, and tumor-board discussions.

Leica Microsystems
(800) 248-0123; www.leica-microsystems.com

Lab Track Software
Tracks equipment usage
Anami Communications, the information technology and consulting division of Cornet Technology Inc, has announced the availability of Lab Track. This software solution is a stand-alone product that tracks and records equipment usage in a laboratory environment. Through the software’s easy-to-understand user interface, Lab Track gives lab managers complete, secure, and flexible access and control of any piece of lab equipment connected to a PC. Recorded data is stored in an internal database for reference, as needed, by lab administrators. The software is available in a trial version online. Lab Track runs on a Microsoft® Windows® platform and records equipment usage 24/7. The software exhibits the following features and benefits: allows lab managers to set specific lab rules based on hours of operation; generates usage reports on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis; creates easy-to-read pie or tabular charts; and creates comprehensive billing reports.

Cornet Technology Inc
(703) 658-3400; www.cornet.com

Staph Test
Identifies staphylococci in 4 hours
Reliable species identification of staphylococci is now available with the introduction of the Remel RapID™ STAPH PLUS System. The system accurately identifies all clinically important staphylococci in only 4 hours, providing timely isolate identification and better epidemiologic data. The RapID STAPH PLUS Panel is the newest member of the Remel RapID family of identification products employing chromogenic enzyme technology clinical laboratories have relied upon for more than 2 decades. The RapID STAPH PLUS System features simple, one-step inoculation and convenient, 4-hour, 35oC ambient incubation common to all RapID systems. Easy-to-read color reactions are scored and combined into a microcode. The microcode is referenced in the associated RapID STAPH PLUS Code Compendium (ERIC® software) for species-level identification. The RapID STAPH PLUS System is available in a 20-test kit.

(800) 255-6730; www.remel.com

Ultralow-Temperature Recorder
Measures temperatures as low as -86°C
MadgeTech Inc has announced the release of the Cryo-Temp. This new, ultralow-temperature data recorder can be placed in environments from -86°C to +35°C. It is ideal for dry ice shipment and storage monitoring, blood banks, laboratory freezers, and medical and pharmaceutical shipment temperature verification. The MadgeTech Cryo-Temp is a battery-operated, stand-alone data logger that uses a built-in temperature sensor for monitoring and recording temperature data. External temperature probes are not required, and the Cryo-Temp may be placed directly in the environment being monitored. The IFC300 USB Base Station interfaces with the logger to allow communication with a PC or laptop for programming, start, and offload of collected data. The Cryo-Temp is enclosed in a splash-proof case that features a handle for easy attachment. Three LEDs—green, yellow, and red—indicate the status/temperature of the shipment being monitored. The user can program a warning and/or alarm range. The green LED indicates that the recorder is logging data. The yellow LED indicates that a temperature reading exceeded the user-programmed warning limits, and the red LED signifies that a temperature reading exceeded the user-programmed alarm limits. The Windows®-based software collects, displays, and analyzes data easily. The MadgeTech Cryo-Temp has a selectable reading rate from every 5 seconds up to 30 minutes. The user can program the Cryo-Temp for an immediate start, a delayed start up to 30 days, or a push-button start.

MadgeTech Inc
(603) 456-2011; www.madgetech.com

Screw Cap Automation Device
Works with up to eight sample tubes at a time
ABgene®, a leading provider of molecular biology reagents, plastic consumables, and instrumentation, launches the first device to completely automate the removal and replacement of screw caps on sample tubes: the ALTO-8™. The ALTO-8 delivers unparalleled ease and speed of access to eight sample tubes at a time. This robust system reduces the possibility of operator repetitive strain injury in the workplace from the manual opening and closing of caps. Contamination is reduced from both the manual handling of caps; and for the first time on automated platforms, through the use of disposable pipette tips with capped tubes. As part of an automated, high-throughput system, the ALTO-8 can be easily integrated with almost any new or existing robot setup. It offers equally reliable instrument operation for heavy and/or regular use. As a manual system, the compact and lightweight device (26 x 18 x 12 cm and less than 4 kg) is user-friendly with an intuitive interface. An entire rack of screw-cap tubes can be processed, with pipetting, in less than 10 minutes—a threefold increase in productivity as compared with human operation. The ALTO-8 works with ABgene Twist-Lock tube caps as part of the Twist-Lock system, which forms part of ABgene’s continually expanding SmartScan™ range of biostorage products.

(585) 654-4800; www.abgene.com

Features four positions and speed control
LW Scientific’s Ultra 8 Select centrifuge’s four-position speed control provides accurate speeds for specific g-forces for blood, urine, fecal matter, and other fluids because it properly separates the specimens without cell damage. The Ultra 8 Select has an eight-tube capacity and can fit 3-mL- to 15-mL-size test tubes. The clear lid allows users to view the specimens while in use. This centrifuge also includes a timer and lid shut-off switch and an auto-off 30-minute timer with bell. The Ultra 8 Select has a quiet, vibration-free operation and a brushless motor that is virtually maintenance-free. The suction-cupped feet prevent slipping, while its unique triangle design saves space on countertops. The Ultra 8 Select is designed to meet all of your laboratory-separation needs.

LW Scientific
(800) 726-7345; www.lwscientific.com

Monoclonal Antibody for p53 (Clone D07)
Stains paraffin tissue sections
BioGenex anti-p53 antibody (Clone D07) is designed for the specific localization of p53 antigen in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections that are used in IHC applications. p53 is a tumor-suppressor gene product identified in a wide variety of tumors. Point mutations result in a mutant p53 protein with an altered conformational structure and accumulation in the nucleus of malignant cells. p53 protein is present in low concentrations in normal cells, but elevated levels of mutant p53 have been found in many common cancers. Accumulation of mutant p53 detected by immunohistochemical staining has been reported in breast, lung, colon, stomach, bladder, and testis carcinomas; soft-tissue sarcomas; and melanomas. Immunohistological staining of colorectal carcinomas with antibodies specific to p53 demonstrated overexpression of the protein in about half of the malignant tumors. BioGenex offers anti-p53 in concentrated form and as a ready-to-use reagent for manual use. The antibody has been optimized for use with the BioGenex Super Sensitive™ Ready-to-Use Detection Systems.

(800) 421-4149; www.biogenex.com

Rapid Urinary Tests
For diagnosis of Streptococcal pneumonia and Legionella
Inverness Medical, a leading manufacturer of Rapid Immunodiagnostic Devices, offers two established rapid urinary tests that can provide fast and accurate information aiding in the diagnosis of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Legionella (Serogroup 1, the cause of more than 80% of Legionnaires Disease cases), helping health care professionals around the world reduce patient mortality while providing more cost-effective and targeted antibiotic treatment. The Binax NOW® Streptococcus pneumoniae Antigen Test is the only rapid urinary test on the market that can provide health care professionals with an accurate indication of an atypical pneumonia in just 15 minutes. The Binax NOW Legionella Urinary Antigen Test can also be used if an initial test confirms S. pneumoniae is not present. Incidence of Legionnaires Disease is believed to be under-reported because few hospitals routinely test for the disease. The Binax NOW products offer health care professionals some significant advantages over more traditional diagnosis methods. Conventional microbiological growth can be problematic and has significant time delays between sample collection and identification. S. pneumoniae grows overnight, and Legionella can take between 3 and 10 days. However, the Binax NOW urinary tests provide results in just 15 minutes. Sample collection of blood and sputum is not straightforward, and laboratory culture may fail to detect the disease. Sputum samples have to be evaluated first to eliminate saliva contamination, and around 10% to 30% of patients may have a nonproductive cough. Failure to detect bacteria in blood samples is not uncommon because many patients are not bacteraemic. Bacterial carbohydrates from patients with S. pneumoniae and patients with Legionella are present in urine samples and can be accurately detected using Binax NOW kits. Binax NOW rapid urinary tests are simpler to use and require less formal training for clinical or laboratory staff to administer, and perform correctly than either blood- or sputum-culture tests. With respiratory guidelines in many countries now suggesting patient pathways should be followed to provide appropriate antibiotic treatment based on accurate diagnosis within 4 hours, Binax NOW is one of a very few options available to health care professionals to meet these recommendations. Many patients are still not being evaluated early with a rapid urinary test, so their symptoms are being treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics that are often unnecessary and are contributing to the alarming rise in antibiotic resistance. The Binax NOW Streptococcus pneumoniae Test and Binax NOW Legionella Test are easy-to-use, rapid, urine-based tests for both pneumonia and Legionnaires Disease that help physicians accurately diagnose infection. This helps prevent the spread of the diseases and ensures that treatment is targeted appropriately and cost-effectively, thus reducing the risk of increased antibiotic resistance.

Binax Inc
(207) 730-5700; www.binax.com

Hemoglobin Assay
Separates, detects, and quantifies normal and variant hemoglobins
Sebia Inc has received FDA clearance to market the Capillarys Hemoglobin assay, which is designed to separate, detect, and quantify normal and variant hemoglobins. The assay has been adapted to the Sebia capillary electrophoresis (CE) system, Capillarys 2, to provide complete automation. A throughput of 34 samples per hour is realized. Direct analysis is performed from the bar-coded, primary tube on packed, unwashed red blood cells. Red-cell hemolysate is automatically prepared on the instrument, sample migration occurs, and relative quantitation and presumptive identification of the hemoglobin fractions take place. Presumptive ID is facilitated by the presence of an onboard, drop-down hemoglobin-variant library and the use of a stored overlay curve such as the Hb AFSC Control. CE technology allows for a separation migration of Hbs E, A2, and C; an accurate Hb A2 value in the presence of Hb S; and the detection of Hbs H, Bart’s, and Delta A2.

Sebia Inc
(800) 835-6497; www.sebia-usa.com

Antibody Array Nanoscale Buffer Kit
Designed for limited sample quantities
The Clontech™ Antibody Array Nanoscale Buffer Kit is designed for those who have limited amounts of sample and want to assay hundreds of cellular proteins in a single experiment. Ideal for use with the Clontech™ Ab Microarray 500, the kit offers a gentle, nondenaturing method for preparing total protein extract from extremely limited samples, including fine needle aspirate, serum, tissue, and as few as 1,000 cells. The Nanoscale Buffer Kit provides a novel method of extracting and fluorescently labeling proteins from limited samples. The protocol saves sample and can be completed in just 1 day—from sample preparation to data acquisition. Specialized training is not required, and the slides are compatible with commercially available fluorescence scanners. The extraction/labeling buffer is optimized for labeling with N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS)-ester dyes (including Cy3 and Cy5 dyes). The extraction/labeling buffer, incubation, and wash buffers are formulated to minimize nonspecific background binding and yield a high signal-to-noise ratio.

(800) 662-2566; www.clontech.com

DNA Cleanup Kits
For purity, recovery, and concentration
Qiagen’s extensive range of cleanup kits set the standard for DNA purity, recovery, and concentration. Now its innovative and trusted kits contain a range of new features to further simplify your research. For faster and more convenient sample processing and analysis, all QIAquick® and MinElute® spin kits now come with gel-loading dye, streamlined handbooks with tear-out bench protocols, and color-coded buffer caps. A pH indicator is also provided, allowing easy determination of the optimal pH for DNA binding to the spin column. In addition, the company now offers the innovative GelPilot range of DNA molecular-weight markers for added convenience. These 12 markers combine many valuable features, including easy-to-remember fragment patterns and sizes, a convenient ready-to-load buffer (with three tracking dyes), and defined fragment concentrations.

(800) 426-8157; www.qiagen.com

Microscope Camera
Designed for real-time color image display, portability, and remote viewing
Microscope users who require an ultrafast, sensitive camera with excellent color fidelity will benefit from the new 2-megapixel Olympus DP20 microscope digital camera. It displays 1600 x 1200 resolution images at 15 fps on a monitor, projector, or PC. In addition, the camera’s versatility, ultrasharp images, and outstanding color make it ideal for consultation; education; tumor boards; or with any application that requires frequent documentation, such as pathology, hematology, cytology, and microbiology. The highly portable microscope camera can operate as a stand-alone image-capture system with a microscope, since it does not require a PC for operation; it interfaces directly to a variety of monitors or to a projector via RGB analog connection. Users can connect the DP20 to a PC via USB 2.0 and, using appropriate software, download image files or even control the camera. The camera’s numerous resolution options allow maximum flexibility in setting up imaging protocols. When in use with a UXGA high-definition monitor, smooth full-resolution display is available at a real-time rate of 15 fps. When previewing images, there is no noticeable image lag. Both a 2x and a new 4x electronic zoom with panning are included, and a continuous shooting mode captures a burst of five image frames in rapid succession. A calibrated scale bar, a grayscale mode, and numerous basic measurement functions come with the camera, along with an under- and overexposure notification for people who want one-step, simple operation. An easy-to-use, ergonomic handset control unit allows streamlined, comfortable control of the system. The camera controller accepts Type I CompactFlash® cards for up to 4 gigabytes of storage. With optional MicroSuite™ Five software and the Olympus NetCam, DP20 users can share images easily with colleagues or students in other locations. Broadcasting images for consultation or training is simple. Up to 50 remote client computers can simultaneously log on and view a live or captured image using a standard Web browser. The primary user can manually or automatically adjust the microscope and camera parameters; capture, annotate, and send images; and control access by remote users. Remote users can view live images at 800 x 600 or 640 x 480 pixel resolution, and can see captured images either at full resolution, or compressed for faster transmission.

Olympus America Inc
(800) 455-8236; www.olympusamerica.com

Primary Tube Centrifuge
Provides platelet-rich plasma in 30 seconds
The StatSpin 30 is a dedicated primary tube centrifuge that provides platelet-rich plasma in 30 seconds. It is designed to remove red and white cells from the plasma and leave the platelets in the plasma. The plasma can then be used for tests that require platelet-rich plasma. The short spin minimizes any heat buildup. It is simple to use; just press the button. The StatSpin 30 spins four standard 13- x 75-mm tubes. It is small and quiet, and it takes very little bench space. Tube inserts, which allow smaller tubes to be spun, are available.

Iris Sample Processing
(781) 551-0100; www.proiris.com

Drugs-of-Abuse Screening
Checks saliva and urine
The Analette™ Open System chemistry analyzer can screen for a number of drugs in urine, including amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, ecstasy, methadone, methaqualone, morphine, opiates, PCP, propoxyphene, and THC. Using United Chemistry Technologies’ Clean Screen® multiple analyte assays and Precision Systems’ Windows®-based software, technicians can perform quick drug testing on saliva samples within minutes. The system’s small size is convenient for use in hospitals, physician’s office laboratories, and testing labs. The Analette is capable of storing as many as 250 preprogrammed tests, 42 onboard reagents, and 140 walk-away assays. The company also offers the Analette with an onboard or stand-alone electrolyte analyzer.

Precision Systems Inc
(508) 655-7010; www.nbizz.com/precisionsystemsinc

Cardiac Marker Controls
Help monitor a wide range of cardiac assessment testing
Bio-Rad Laboratories has released two new cardiac marker controls: Liquichek™ Cardiac Markers Plus Control and Liquichek™ Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT. These comprehensive products can help monitor a wide range of cardiac assessment testing. Both have the same analyte menu, including NT-proBNP, hs-CRP, Troponin I, Troponin T, CK-MB, Myglobin, Homocysteine, total CK, and digitoxin. They have a 3-year shelf life and a 20-day open-vial stability for all analytes. Differences between the products are that the Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT has lower troponin targets than Cardiac Markers Plus Control, and it also has a fourth lower level available. Cardiac Markers Plus Control LT, Level Low helps monitor the lower cardiac marker values associated with risk-stratification testing. These controls are made from human serum and are designed for multiple methods and instruments. Third-party manufacturer controls are not optimized for just one method or instrument, and they provide an unbiased assessment of any testing system. They can help detect changes in assay performance, thus improving the quality of results.

Bio-Rad Laboratories
(800) 224-6723; www.bio-rad.com

Drug-Testing System
New benchtop platform
Axela Biosensors Inc has begun distribution of its new dotLab System, a benchtop platform for protein characterization and biomolecular-interaction monitoring. The system accelerates immunoassay development and is able to contribute at each stage of the process, including reagent characterization, antibody pairing, and cross-reactivity studies. The dotLab System also enables routine immunoassay testing. Analysis is performed on dotLab Sensors, which use Axela’s core diffractive optics technology (dot™). This biosensor uses a combination of grating-based light diffraction and immobilized capture surfaces. This combination produces a technique for the detection of molecular-binding events without the use of fluorescent labels. Because the system’s illumination and detection beams never pass through the sample, the technology can be used for the detection of proteins in complex biological samples. The system has the ability to detect low-abundance proteins, such as cell lysates, serum, plasma, or blood, directly in samples. A variety of dotLab Sensor surfaces are available to provide broad-application coverage, including Avidin, Protein G, Goat anti-mouse Fc, and Amine-reactive surfaces. Axela is also developing additional immobilization chemistries and multiplex format sensors.

Axela Biosensors Inc
(886)-94-AXELA; www.axelabiosensors.com

Drugs-of-Abuse and Toxicology Assays
More than 60 assays included in menu
The acetaminophen, ethanol, and salicylate drugs-of-abuse and toxicology assays are now available on Bayer HealthCare’s Advia® 1650 and 2400 chemistry systems. The systems provide high-speed, automation-compatible testing platforms with a menu of more than 60 assays, including general and special chemistry; specific protein; therapeutic drug monitoring; as well as drugs-of-abuse methods and applications. With open channels for user-defined applications, Advia chemistry systems offer cost-effective workstation consolidation.

Bayer HealthCare
(914) 631-8000; www.bayerdiag.com

Wireless Data Logger
For monitoring temperature and humidity
The Dickson Wireless Data Logger monitors temperature and humidity for flexibility in overseeing technology without wiring constraints. The Dickson Wireless Data Logger for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring eliminates the need for manual data downloading, has been tested for wireless connections to USB ports, sends alarm notifications to connected PCs, and features easy-to-use software that can be installed in minutes. Additionally, there are no costs for wiring installation and no limitations due to location.

Dickson Co
(630) 543-3747; www.dicksonweb.com

Sample-Delivery Pump
Ideal for laboratory applications
Watson-Marlow Bredel has released its 400 F/D pumps designed specifically for sample delivery in automated laboratory applications, including channel-to-channel delivery. The 400 F/D is available in two or three channels with individual spring-loaded tracks for high accuracy and performance flexibility. These instrument-quality pumps offer the advantages of continuous flow capability and simple plumbing, eliminating the need for valves. The 400 F/D, used in conjunction with Watson-Marlow Bredel’s Sta-Pure tubing, provides long-term flow repeatability and accuracy. The tight dimensional tolerances of the pump and tubing are central to its superior performance. The tubing’s unique properties allow it to hold its accuracy over thousands of hours and often for the life of the instrument. The 400 F/D pump is spring-loaded to consistently give long tube life. It also can be supplied in both continuous tubing and element configurations.

Watson-Marlow Bredel
(800) 282-8823; www.watson-marlow.com

Point-of-Care Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Measures and corrects hematocrit and electrochemical interferences
An advanced, patented* new blood glucose monitoring system from Nova Biomedical elevates bedside glucose testing to a new level of analytical performance that approaches the quality of central laboratory testing. The Nova StatStrip™ point-of-care glucose monitor incorporates new four-well glucose measuring strip technology. Current glucose strips use only one well. Nova’s Multi-Well™ system measures and corrects hematocrit interference as well as interferences from acetaminophen (Tylenol), uric acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), maltose, galactose, xylose, and lactose. StatStrip also eliminates oxygen interference to provide accurate glucose results regardless of the sample’s oxygen status. In addition, these strips require no calibration coding, avoiding another potential source of error. An incorrect input of a calibration code can change the reported glucose value by up to 40%. These analytical improvements are particularly important to hospitals that are following the new tight glycemic control protocols for diabetic patients. Interferences generated by current technology strips result in higher than actual glucose readings, leading to the potential of overdosing insulin and creating hypoglycemia. StatStrip’s 6-second analysis time, color touch-screen operation, and simple operating steps make bedside glucose testing fast and easy for point-of-care staff. Its small, 1.2-µL sample size results in easy sample acquisition and minimal pain for the patient. Comprehensive instrument manager software provides management, control, and regulatory compliance, and allows the StatStrip system to be completely customized to the needs of each department within the hospital.

Nova Biomedical
(781) 647-3700; www.novabio.com

Temperature-Data Logging Devices
With a wide variety of uses
Duramark Inc has expanded its product line to include a wide range of temperature-data logging devices and software through Marathon Products. These units can be used in shipping containers, lock boxes, courier totes, and test kits; and in stationary units such as long-term specimen, chemical, and reagent storage areas. The new micro-DL unit is small and durable, yet it allows for a full range of displaying and recording temperatures. Alarm conditions can be programmed for start or delay, high or low, continuous, or cumulative time settings over alarm conditions. Temperature versus time graphs and charting are also available. The latest technology offering allows for wireless transmission of temperature data. This includes off-site notification via e-mail to a PC or a cell phone should temperatures exceed user-defined limits.

Duramark Inc
(714) 828-2800; www.duramark.com

Fluid-Handling Pumps
For diagnostic and laboratory applications
Watson-Marlow Bredel has launched its new, improved 400F/D-series peristaltic pumps, ideally suited for meeting the demanding fluid-handling needs of the OEM industry. This new 400F/D-series of pumps can be delivered for either two or three channels, with individual spring-loaded tracks delivering the highest accuracy and performance flexibility. The 400F/D-series are inherent metering pumps with repeatability up to 99.5%. These pumps will perform any dosing, metering, or evacuation duties. Watson-Marlow Bredel’s 400F/D-series provides increased application flexibility through an adjustable occlusion, allowing the operator to adjust the track so that the pump will deliver the required pressure. The tracks are also spring-loaded to optimize tube life. The pumps can be delivered with preset occlusion from the factory, according to the customer’s specifications. Another benefit of the individual tracks is the reduced stress on the rotor and gearbox. These pumps have no internal universal joints, valves, dead corners, or glands to impede flow, and the pumps are reversible for back-flushing lines. They can also run dry indefinitely without damage and provide up to a 30’ suction lift.

Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps Inc
(800) 282-8823; www.watson-marlow.com

Automated Imaging Systems
For high-content cellular analysis
The BD Pathway™ 435 is a compact, automated benchtop system that rapidly images cells and tissues in multiwell plates or on microscope slides. A newly designed laser-based auto focus significantly increases image-acquisition speed and overall plate throughput. The system incorporates flexible computer-controlled excitation and emission filters; spinning-disk confocal optics for reduced fluorescence background and 3D imaging; and a long-life, user-friendly metal halide lamp. With updated image-analysis software featuring new tools and wizard-style applications, the BD Pathway 435 confocal bioimager simplifies the process of high-content cellular analysis. The system enables a broad array of fluorescence-based biological applications such as neurite-outgrowth analysis, angiogenesis, protein translocation, colocalization, cell cycle, and 3D cellular exploration. The BD Pathway 435 is ideal for researchers who need high-speed, high-resolution confocal imaging capabilities coupled with powerful and flexible image analysis. For applications not requiring confocal, the BD Pathway 415 is a cost-efficient alternative to the BD Pathway 435. And the system can be field-upgraded to confocal later if applications require it. The introduction of these new imagers complements the recently updated BD Pathway 855 (formerly BD Pathway and Pathway HT) system, which provides versatile live-cell imaging capabilities, including environmental control, liquid handling, and advanced kinetic-analysis software.

BD Biosciences
(800) 245-2614; www.bdbiosciences.com

For the point of care
NERL Diagnostics offers its Sentry line of point-of-care control products for near patient testing in the hospital and physician’s office. The controls are focused on urinalysis, hemoglobin testing, and occult blood testing. The liquid, ready-to-use urinalysis control works with most urine strips and automated strip readers. The hemoglobin control, which is available in low, normal, and high levels, uses stabilized human red cells and offers flexible ordering of any level at any time. The Sentry occult blood control is the only commercial external control available on the market. The controls work on most tests used by clinicians.

NERL Diagnostics
(800) 556-7575; www.nerl.com

Blood-Glucose Meter
Used at the point of care
The ACCU-CHEK Inform system by Roche Diagnostics allows operators to enter information for six manual point-of-care tests through its other test-entry functionalities: visual urinalysis, rapid streptococcus, rapid drugs-of-abuse testing, pregnancy, fecal occult blood, and gastric occult blood. The system enables test results, quality-control results, test-kit lot numbers, and patient- and operator-identification numbers to be sent to the data manager and then transferred to a hospital information system. The ACCU-CHEK Inform system allows electronic documentation of information that is traditionally recorded in manual logs and facilitates cost capture for six common tests. Additionally, the system’s onboard bar-code scanner captures patient identification numbers to reduce patient ID errors.

Roche Diagnostics
(800) 440-3638; www.roche.com

Drug-Screen Panels
To detect the presence of drugs in urine
Biosite Inc’s Triage® drugs-of-abuse and triage TOX drug-screen panels are immunoassays used to qualitatively determine the presence of as many as nine discrete classes of abused drugs in urine. These products are designed for use in the laboratory and/or at the point of care and provide results in 15 minutes. Specially selected monoclonal antibodies ensure accuracy, minimizing false-negative and false-positive results. The controls featured on each device satisfy routine quality-control requirements and further ensure that each device is functioning properly.

Biosite Inc
(800) 745-8026; www.biosite.com

Microscope with Camera
With wide-field eyepieces and a forward-facing noseface
The new Revelation III Microscope, combined with the MiniVID camera, delivers quality imaging at an affordable price that is ideal for use in physician’s offices or medical schools. The microscope includes 10x/18 wide-field eyepieces and a quadruple forward-facing nosepiece. The optics, DIN Achromatic or Semi-Plan, with 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x oil objectives, provide affordable quality. The microscope also comes with a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. The MiniVID camera has an option of either the USB connection option for a computer or RCA output for the television and VCR to fulfill both training and occupational needs. The camera attaches to any standard eyepiece tube and provides imaging.

LW Scientific Inc
(800) 726-7345; www.lwscientific.com

Slide Labels
Featuring technology to facilitate bar coding of specimen slides
General Data has introduced improvements to its StainerShield labels for tissue and specimen slides. The enhanced StainerShield labels now feature an advanced stain- and solvent-resistant polymeric technology that was developed specifically for laboratory applications. It delivers improved resistance to an increasing number of lab protocols, including exposure to the harshest chemicals, solvents, and stains. StainerShield labels are a part of General Data’s StainerShield family of products and technologies designed for effective bar code-based identification and tracking of tissue cassettes and specimen slides in medical and research labs. Lab technicians print StainerShield labels with patient- and case-specific data in text and bar-code format at the individual cutting workstations. The StainerShield labels are then applied to the specimen slides as they are produced, before the slides are exposed to the lab’s staining process. As a result, the specimen slide has a permanent bar-code identifier that can be used to positively identify and track the slide through staining, checkout to the pathologist for review, and back to the lab for archiving.

General Data
(800) 733-5252; www.stainershield.com

Antibody to Anti-Human Progesterone Receptor
Stains paraffin tissue sections
BioGenex Anti-Human Progesterone Receptor (clone PR88) is designed for the specific localization of Progesterone Receptor in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections used in IHC applications. The determination of steroid hormone receptors has become widely used in the management of hormone-dependent cancers. The presence of progesterone receptor in human breast cancer has been proposed as a mechanism whereby tumor cells respond to estrogen, and its presence may therefore serve as a marker for enhanced estrogen responsiveness. The most recent methods of receptor detection involve immunohistochemical techniques that use monoclonal antibodies directed against both the estrogen and the progesterone receptors. Historically, estrogen receptor-positive/progesterone receptor-positive breast carcinoma patients have demonstrated a better response to endocrine therapy than estrogen receptor-positive/ progesterone receptor-negative patients. The use of monoclonal antibodies to determine progesterone-receptor status increases the predictive value of immunohistochemical analysis with respect to the response of human tumors to hormonal modulation. BioGenex offers Progesterone Receptor antibody in concentrated form and as a ready-to-use reagent for manual use and for use on BioGenex automated staining systems. The antibody has been optimized for use with the BioGenex Super Sensitive™ Ready-to-Use Detection Systems.

(800) 421-4149; www.biogenex.com

Western Blot Test Kits
With a band locator from individual blot membranes
The Borrelia B31 Virablots are new Western blot test kits using proprietary technology to produce highly linear, highly focused blots. Now cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration, test kits for B. burgdorferi IgG and IgM serology are available for immediate release. With decades of Western blot experience, the manufacturer provides unparalleled blot quality and product support. Test kits contain a reacted positive control strip (band locator) from each individual blot membrane. The band locators contain all significant B31 strain Borrelia burgdorferi antigen bands, allowing for easy band alignment. Advanced blot linearity simplifies band identification for all test results. Each test strip contains a serum-control and conjugate-control stripe for the added security of proper test function. Established protocols can use fixed substrate timing for dependable blot results and interpretation, simplifying the test procedure. The Virablot’s superior resolution makes assisted digital-image analysis and online technical support possible. Each kit contains 50 determinations for economical Lyme Western blot testing.

Viralab Inc
(760) 594-7285; www.viralab.us

Upright Compound Microscopes
For high-quality photomicroscopy
The BC series of upright compound microscopes have modern frames that provide enhanced stability for high-quality photomicroscopy. The ergonomic single-hand focus and stage controls increase workflow while minimizing fatigue. The Kohler Illumination features a field diaphragm and a 20-W, 6-V halogen bulb with an electronic dimmer. The BC series offers binocular and trinocular models with brightfield plan, phase plan, phase achromatic, and infinity optics. Four objectives: (4x, 10x, 40x R, and 100X R [oil]) and two 10x-wide field eyepieces are included. Other objectives and eyepieces are available. The large mechanical stage (209 mm x 140 mm) facilitates specimen handling. The robust all-metal gear-train mechanism is designed to endure years of usage.

Jenco International Inc
(503) 654-9292; www.jencointernational.com

Cryogenic Vials
Stores microorganisms at ultralow temperatures
Hardy Diagnostics’ ready-to-use CryoSavers™ cryogenic vials are a convenient way to save valuable time and effort when storing microorganisms at ultralow temperatures. The durable plastic box design with the hinged lid is safe and convenient for both shipping and storage. Ergonomically designed ridged caps allow for easy opening and are available in six colors. Cap inserts (sold separately) are available in 11 different colors. Numbered compartments and write-on labels enable accurate specimen identification. The CryoSavers’ unique vial design allows it to latch onto a workstation for one-handed operation. A range of ready-to-use media with cryopreservatives is available. Beads are included to inoculate plates for less chance of contamination.

Hardy Diagnostics
(800) 266-2222; www.hardydiagnostics.com

Vitamin D Assay
Bone and mineral marker
Immunodiagnostic Systems Inc (IDS) has announced the launch of the new 1,25-Dihydroxy Vitamin D EIA. The new assay complements the IDS Vitamin D range and is an excellent addition to the constantly growing range of bone and mineral markers. The kit measures 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (1,25D) in human serum or plasma, and uses the immunoextraction system found in the IDS 1,25-Dihydroxy Vitamin RIA. The assay contains sufficient reagents to measure 38 samples in one run or 28 samples if run in two separate assays. The new assay offers excellent correlation to the IDS 1,25-Dihydroxy Vitamin D RIA and a smaller sample volume than competing products. It also requires significantly less hands-on time than other methods and saves valuable technician time. The simplified EIA methodology completely eliminates radioactive and organic solvent waste and permits high laboratory throughput.

Immunodiagnostic Systems Inc
(480) 836-7435; www.idsinc.us.com

Height-Adjustable Rack
For the positioning of tubes in a water bath
The Scienceware® height-adjustable rack holds up to six tubes or vials in a water bath or beaker. The rack has a flexible grip that retains mixed test tubes of varying weight and volume from 1.5 mL to 15 mL. As opposed to floating racks, this rack’s adjustable height prevents submersion and sinking problems that might occur with heavier or unbalanced tubes. The compact yet stable footprint saves bench and bath space and lifts in and out of a bath without splashing. All parts are steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F).

(973) 694-0500; www.belart.com