productThe iQ200 System is a small footprint, fully automated walk away urine workstation designed around a universal sample transfer rack system that provides automatic, unattended batch processing of up to 210 samples.
    The iQ200 Automated Microscopy Analyzer quantifies 12 formed elements on unspun urine, and is linked to the Aution Max AX 4280 Urine Chemistry Analyzer where 9 chemistries, specific gravity by refractometer, color and clarity are performed. Chemistry results are automatically sent to the iQ200 where user-defined limits trigger reflexive microscopic testing. Results are automatically collated for on-screen review or transmission through a uni- or bi-directional interface to the LIS.
    This compact system has a footprint less than 4 linear feet and is light weight enough to be easily relocated anywhere in the laboratory. The iQ200 System requires only 3 mL (0.95 mL of sample per instrument) of sample. In addition, up to 10,000 sample results can be stored in the instrument’s memory for easy retrieval and retransmission if necessary.
International Remote Imaging Systems
Keywords: urinalysis, automation