Roche Diagnostics and CapitalBio will enter a strategic partnership targeting molecular diagnostic applications and the development of technologies to fill the unmet needs of researchers worldwide. This new development builds on the genomics and diagnostics expertise of the two companies and will focus on furthering microarray technologies and complementary products for molecular diagnostic applications.

“This agreement is a significant step for Roche in forming closer relations with China’s premier biochip development company”, said Dr. Manfred Baier, head of Roche Applied Science “The agreement formalizes a closer relationship with CapitalBio, formed since it joined the Roche NimbleGen Certified Service Provider (CSP) Program in January 2010.”

“CapitalBio and Roche offer a large number of complementary skills and interests which can be well served through the harnessing of the capabilities of both companies for product research and development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution in China and for international markets” said Professor Jing Cheng, CEO of CapitalBio.

The partnership plans to focus initially on the research and development of instruments and products to enhance and automate the Roche NimbleGen microarray workflow and the application of this workflow in preventive and personalized diagnostics.

CapitalBio recently established an Independent Medical Testing Laboratory in Chengdu, China, and has expanded its Microarray Genomics Service Facility at its Beijing headquarters. This partnership plans closer cooperation and collaboration across a broad range of advanced molecular diagnostic assays for clinical diagnostics and medical research, including the use of 454 Life Sciences’ Next-Generation Sequencing for medical services.

Special focus shall be placed on cooperation in education on the benefits and use of molecular diagnostics that exploit novel technologies involving microarrays and their related products and next-generation sequencing in both the greater China and international markets. The partnership also plans to establish educational facilities across China for molecular R&D and the application of clinical molecular diagnostics.

“The partners plan to cooperate in marketing products in the greater China and international markets”, said Fatt-Heng Wong, General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Shanghai Ltd.

Source: Roche