productThis company has released a series of chemistry-immunoassay systems for labs that want to consolidate workstations and automate manual processes.
     Designed for small- to large-volume labs, the series of chemistry-immunoassay systems includes four models: the Synchron CX500 Pro (53 on-board assays with throughput of up to 700 tests per hour); the Synchron CX1000 Pro (57 assays on-board with throughput of up to 1,000 tests per hour); and the Synchron LX2000 and LX2000 Pro (each with on-board capacity of 65 assays and throughput of up to 1,540 test per hour). Each system combines the capabilities of a Synchron chemistry analyzer with those of the Access 2 immunoassay system and DL2000 data management software.
     Tests available include critical care, general, urine and esoteric chemistries, drugs-of-abuse, proteins and serologies and TDM.
      The test menus includes assays for cardiac, cancer, anemia, thyroid, fertility and infectious disease. Among these are the Hybritech PSA and free PSA assay, which aids in the detection and monitoring of prostate cancer, and the Access AccuTnI (troponin I) assay.
Beckman Coulter
Keyword: analyzer, chemistry, immunoassay