productThis line of incubators offers temperature ranges from 30ÞC to 70ÞC in eight size units from 32L to 749L.
      Chip-card technology and software interface allows users to program and replicate testing procedures while documenting results. This company’s technology and development has led to three individual lines of specialty incubators.
      The CO2 incubators provide digital CO2 control through NDIR measuring principles and automatic all-around sterilization. Its humidity limit system, adjustable from 88 to 97%, causes the humidity setting to be reached rapidly while preventing condensation.
      The ICP-cooled incubator allows the user the option of cooling down to 0ÞC. The ICP also is suitable for time-dependent programming (e.g. day/night simulations) of optimum reproducibility and of documentation of important test processes.
      Peltier technology is used in this company’s IPP incubator which cools and heats through the same rear-mounted element.
Pro Scientific Inc.
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