Verichem Laboratories now offers multi-level calibration verification materials for Cholinesterase activity as part of its liquid stable and ready-to-use Enzyme ER Verifier Kit. 

These verifiers feature universal compatibility, making them available for use on a wide assortment of wet clinical chemistry systems for routine clinical testing, in medical research applications, or in development and manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products. 

Cholinesterase testing is a key diagnostic assay for nervous system functionality, especially after possible exposure to organophosphate pesticides. The proprietary formulation of Verichem’s Enzyme ER Verifier Kit for Cholinesterase is specifically designed to include at least one concentration level of enzyme activity within the normal range. The kit is conveniently packaged for multi-use and contains 5mL of material for each of six levels, with each level filled into easy-to-use polyethylene dropper vials. 

As an added bonus, the kit material also contains multi-level assigned activities for the enzyme components ALT, ALP, AMY, AST, CK, GGT, LD, and Lipase. The material is manufactured to have a shelflife and open-vial liquid stability of 18 months, and to keep protein balance, pH, and ion content constant across concentration levels for optimum linearity. 

For more information about Verichem’s Enzyme ER Verifier Kit for Cholinesterase, visit the official Verichem website.